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  • Estaminé art food drink

    EstaminÉ sells ceramic work, pictures and postcards, and besides snacks and drinks, in a charming atmosphere that invites people to debate over their ideas. EstaminÉ is an invitation for a pause. A pause to have a coffee or a juice without rushing; a glass of wine...

    0 by Catarina, 5 years ago
  • Chinese Pavilion

    The Chinese Pavilion is for those who would love to go in through the door of reality and exit through the door of fables. This big "bar" installed in the 20th century building hides an enormous collection of various antiquities, amongst them clocks, toys, planes,...

    0 by Hannah , 6 years ago
  • Cinema City

    Inside of the centre of Campo Pequeno they have a cinema and that area have a great bar called cinema city bar. to be on this bar you don't need to go to the ciema you can just go there and enjoy a fantastic milkshake or a beer with pop corn. They have a great area to...

    0 by Pedro, 8 years ago
  • Music burguer

    Typical 50's American bar full of decoration and great music. Really good to eat and the prices are very great. Great also for a couple of beers and stay with friends... It's very famous between teenager's and people around that area and it's one of the places who...

    0 by Pedro, 8 years ago
  • Irish & co

    If you really need a good place to be with friends and near to river, you should go to Irish & co in Parque das nações.  The people are very nice and friendly. the prices are not so bad until 11p.m. . Even if it's rainning and very bad weather they have inside...

    0 by Pedro, 8 years ago
  • Sky Bar

    It's a cool, chic, modern bar situated on a rooftop in the city center of Lisbon, it has a stunning view on the city. It's great to go to at night to have a cocktail and spend time with friends sitting at one of the many tables outside, or dance. You can also eat there...

    0 by Francesca, 8 years ago
  • Café 'A Brasileira'

    Lisboa is such a fascinating place to visit! It's such a historical city with beautiful corners, great food and friendly people to make you feel home. I've been living here for nineteen years and my city keeps surprising me with its wonders. So, even not in Erasmus, one...

    0 by Teresa, 8 years ago
  • O’Gilins Irish Pub

    O’Gilins Irish Pub is the perfect place to enjoy football games and fresh cold Guinness! In addition you can every week participate in the song contest and win special prizes. One of the biggest pluses of this place is its location. It is located at Cais do Sodre and...

    0 by Foivos, 8 years ago

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