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Mosteiro dos Jerônimos

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Medieval details

Published by Ethel Rudnitzki — 2 years ago

Every time I get inside a really old and gigantic place I wonder how it was built. Without technology how could humans create such great structures?


This also came to my mind when I visited Mosteiro dos Jerônimos in Belém (Jeronimo's Monastry), Lisboa. Not only for its greatness and oldness, but mostly due to its uncountable details. Every column is different than the other and if you spend some time observing them you will find very misterious shapes and figures, such as shells, animals and symbols.


I found it amazing! It's all sculpted in a yellowish stone that makes an spectacular effect when the sun comes in. Great for pictures and for feeling speechless.



Besides its beauty, the Monastry has a really interesting history. Its construction started in the 15th century ordered by the king D. Manuel I to honor the portuguese nation and royal family. Since then, many important figures for the country were burried or had an tribute built in there.

The Monastry was inhabited by monks of São Jerônimo's order until the 19th century, when all religious orders were forbidden in the country.

Nowadays it's considered National and Worldwide Heritage by UNESCO, and it has Panteon status - honoring portuguese heroes. Also, it's one of the most visited places in Portugal.


How to get there

Because it is so famous, it is important to get there early for a visit if you don't want to face a big line. There is an entrance fee, and it's cheaper if you buy it together with Torre de Belém (that would be 6 euros both for students - fair price! ).

If you're staying in the center of Lisbon, which is the best place to stay for visiting the city, you must always get public transportation to get to the Monastry. It is located in Belém, a parish just outside town. To get there the best way is by train, which will cost about two euros. Get the train at Cais do Sodré station and you'll be there in 30 minutes top.

Even though it can be a little expensive, don't hesitate in going to Belém. Besides the Monastry you can visit Belém Tower there, eat the famous pasteis Belém and also see many museums!

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