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Fitness Hut and Lemon Fit

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Two Low Cost Gyms for Erasmus

Published by flag-pt Bernardo Nunes — 5 years ago

Low cost gyms are the best alternative for someone who would like to exercise during your stay in Lisbon without having to pay a large amount of money. I present you two low cost gyms present in Lisbon that offer conditions for the practice of physical exercise: Fitness Hut and Lemon Fit.

Fitness Hut

Fitness Hut is a low-cost gym present in many locations around Lisbon. Here you can find plans that fit your wallet, your schedule and your exercise routines.

I used to be in this gym and pay twenty four euros per month for unlimited access to the Arco do Cego Fitness Hut. You can pay a bit more and have access to all Fitness Hut gyms. They are in many places and can be useful if you have one near work and another near home, for example.

The gym was good. Employees were very nice and always ready to help me in any exercise I wanted to try or any question I had. Machines are in good condition, and are repaired if malfunctioning. There are some cool free abdominal exercise classes right in the middle of the gym that really push you. You have a punching bag where you can also practice some kicks. There are three classrooms, one full of bycicles where people cycle to the rythm of music and the shouts of a personal trainer; and two others where dynamic exercise classes happen, such as Yoga Moves, a type of yoga that is very dynamic. The gym is open every day of the week, even on Sundays!

Two Low Cost Gyms for Erasmus

Lemon Fit

I was going to join this gym before actually going to Fitness Hut because this is a new gym (opened in 9th July), but when this happened it was still in construction. This one is open twenty four hours per day and is only situated in Saldanha. It has more than two hundred equipments spread across twenty four hundred square metres, divided by four floors. You pay eight euros per week without a loyalty program. Eighteen different classes are offered here: Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, 3B Brasil, Stretching, Local, Body Shape, Step, and many others.


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