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Delícias do mar

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Asian Food

Published by Pedro Domingues — 5 years ago

If you are that fanatic people who can't live without asian food this is your restaurant!

This restaurant located in "Parque das Nações" (near to the "Oriente" metro station) invites you to taste a lot of things from asia.

You could try sushi, meat, prawns, and so on all in buffet mode.

The price is 7, 95€ (+ 1, 80€ / drink) VERY CHEAP and great!

So what are you waiting for?! GO! Go! and for less than 9€ you could see your hapiness eating sushi and so on...

Attention: if you are a group please book it first in advance otherwise you will not have place because it's always full (being full can say something about this place)


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