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The best aquarium in the world

Published by Adelė Mačiūtė

It is considered the best aquarium in the world. The Oceanarium consist of four tanks around the large central tank house four different habitats with their native flora and fauna:

  • the North Atlantic rocky coast
  • the Antarctic coastal line
  • the Temperate Pacific kelp forests
  • the Tropical Indian coral reefs

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Beneath the Surface, among the Sharks

Published by Amadea Kovič

Beneath the surface, among the sharks

Of course, Lisbon has many museums, galleries and other cultural delicacies to offer. Just walking around the streets you will see many wonders and monuments that are worth stopping for, ice cream shops that will become your new favourites or charming viewpoints and parks. Nevertheless, when you've already explored some of the best must-see points in the city, reserve your weekend for something different! Treat yourself to a huge breakfast - you'll be in Oceanário de Lisboa for a few hours, trust me - and head off. You can get there with the red metro line and get off at the last stop - Oriente.

Beneath the surface, among the sharks

Tickets and timetable

Luckily for you, the oceanarium is opened every day, but the timetable varies on the season. In the summer it is opened from 10 am to 8 pm and in the winter it closes one hour earlier. You can enter the Oceanário de Lisboa one hour before the closing time, but keep in mind that one hour is not enough to see everything that needs to be seen - you will need to take at least two or three. The aquarium is opened on holidays too. It does have different working hours on Christmas and 1st of January it has different working hours, so be aware of that fact and check in advance. Tickets are not very cheap (18 euros for permanent + temporary exhibition for adults and 15 euros for just permanent exhibition), but they are more than worth it. You can also buy them online on the webpage and save some time.

Beneath the surface, among the sharks

Permanent exhibition

There are 5 million litres of seawater in the aquarium which are offering living conditions to different marine habitats and eco symptoms of the permanent exhibition, from plants, algae, fish, birds, mammals, amphibians and invertebrates (animals without a backbone).

Beneath the surface, among the sharks

Temporary exhibition

After you've visited the starfish and stared at the sharks and medusas for long enough and you feel completely enchanted already, prepare yourself to be amazed again. The Oceanário de Lisboa is made in such a way that it resembles a natural state of the ocean, but on top of it, you can find a beautiful exhibition, the result of collaboration between Takashi Amano, who designs aquariums, and music composer Rodrigo Leão. This is also a place where you can sit a bit and contemplate on everything that you saw in the last few hours and get lost in your thoughts. It is a very peaceful and relaxing place, such as the whole oceanarium is and is perfect if you need an inspirational and peaceful place to think about things

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