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Brio -Organic Supermarket

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Where to buy organic food in Lisbon?

Published by Sofia Madeira — 5 years ago

Organic food is usually more expensive. But in this supermarket you can buy over 3000 certified organic products at an affordable price. Food (fresh and grocery), drinks, cleaning products, cosmetics and pet food. Most of the producers are from Portugal. For a healthier and more environmentally conscious lifestyle, you should try it. They also have a restaurant that serves lunches and it is located in Chiado, beautiful downtown Lisbon.


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Other organic stores in Lisbon

Published by Madalena Mendes — 3 years ago

If you are interested in getting some organic/health store products in Portugal, Brio is great and you can also ckeck out Celeiro and Miosótis :)

Celeiro stores:

Miosótis is close to El Corte Inglês in São Sebastião metro.

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