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Tasca do chico

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Entairtainment at its best

Published by nahom worku — one year ago

Hello and welcome back to another adventure as we go together to discover the marvels which can be found in this beautiful west european country: the one and only Portugal. I had a chance to visit this country in the last summer, thanks to a dear friend I met while  I was doing my Erasmus. So this friend of mine didn't hesitate to invite a group of us (me and all the other Erasmus friends) to her apartment in Lisbon and she made every sacrifice to give us the experience of a life time in terms of culinary adventure, sight seeing, cultural spots and of course the night life. In particular I would like to show you how we had the exclusive chance to get into this cultural and culinary hub located in the city of Lisbon, Bairro Alto area. I am talking about the place called A Tasca do Chico.


Source: the entrance to A Tasca do Chico from the main street

What is this place ?

A tasca do Chico is the place that will give you a taste of the typical Portuguese food, drinks, the atmosphere and the music. Let me explain this points well to you:

  • the food is soo special because it is frshly made with high quality ingredients. On the menu you will find some delicious tapas and presunto which I recomend and also some 'strange' things like Chourico Assado which is a smoked sausage cooked with a big flame on the counter top so if you want you can see it as it cooks.


Source: the famous Chourico Assado


Source: the famous tapas perfect to eat while enjoying a conversation with a friend


Source: a soup perfect as an aptizer

  • from the many variety of beverages they provided in their menu we ordered some portuguese white wine and shared one whole jug for four people which was more than enough;
  • the atmosphere takes back in time especially when you take a look at the wall covered by pictures and posters of famous artists, the ligthing of the dinning area is often adjusted to what is going on at that specific time so at times it is nice and bright and sometimes it is turned down for a special showcase;


Source: a corner of A Tasca do Chico

  • the music which is the showcase that takes place in A Tasca do Chico is unique because while you are enjoying your food all of a suden the lights are dimmed and two musicians take their place while slowly a woman apears from the background, with a black scarf over her head. Following the rythms of the musicians she start to sing the typical Portuguese music, the Fado,and most tourists visiting this place for the first time drop their jaws in admiration to this musical adventure into the past.


    Source: fado singer with her two musicians

    Thank you for reading this article. Cheers !!

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