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Madeira Flavours in Lisbon

Translated by Bernardo Nunes — 2 years ago

Original text by Daniela Abreu

Everyone knows, or at least has heard, that the Island of Madeira has a spectacular gastronomy. And we all know that a visit to the Island is totally worth it, but we also know that it isn't a place that is "close by" and so not all of us have the chance to visit it, at least not as much as we would like. Here enters Cais Madeirense, a restaurant that brings you all the best Madeira flavours to Lisbon and leaves you with water in you mouth!


It is in Arroios, very close to the metro (which is already a point in favour). It is far from the bar zone of Lisbon (Bairro Alto, Santos, etc) but it's easy to go there by metro or other transport, like bus. It is a good option for group dinners, so this tip about the Lisbon bar zone can be useful.

Group Dinners

I am going to talk to you about the group dinner restaurant part because it is the one I experienced. You also have the option to eat in this restauramt "à lá carte", so don't worry.

I think Cais Madeirense is an excellent option for group dinners because:

  • The food is great! Very tasty and with lots of menus available.
  • The price is very accessible! For 10€ you can eat any of the menus, with entries, main dish the times you want (and you can have more than one different between the whole group), unlimited drinks and you even have a poncha shot in the end!
  • It is a very welcoming restaurant, with good food and service. The staff is very nice.
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The only big downside that I can point out is really the fact that it is far from the bar zone, because it would be the continuation of a night that would have everything to be great: full belly, people satisfied and unlimited alcohol :p

Drinks are also very good for a restaurant that serves groups. The sangria, most of all, is very tasty!

I leave you in the gallery the group menus available for you to see what I told you. I tried the Francesinha and the Picado de Frango and they were delicious (although the best Francesinhas in Portugal can only be eaten in the North). The entries are typical small toasts with pâtés, melon with ham and the famous Bolo do Caco from Madeira, a kind of bread with garlic butter that is marvellous and is "to cry for more"!

The Place

The place is very welcoming, with wooden tables, some benches and a decoration that makes you feel at home.

If you want to check what I said, see here other reviews and images, to see that it is a restaurant in which you will really want to eat!

Pass by!

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