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I visited Alfama

Published by Hoàng Nguyễn Vũ (Asian Traveller) — 3 years ago

Today I visited Alfama

Alfama is the old town of Lisbon. Situated on the top of a towering hill, next to Lisbon Castle, look out onto the Tejo River. Alfama how? Is it pretty? or not? is it interesting? This one, i do. I did get there.


Oops, but also. Well, there are a lot of things.

  • First story in Lisbon

The story is: From the first day set foot in Lisbon, I squeeze out of valleys 2 color books, shiny, looks thick: a Portuguese book, a Lisbon book, accompanied by the map get guests Hotel, then get a very large circle pen: ALFAMA. ¨We have to go to Alfama, my sister, I study carefully ¨. The other four looked at each other awe, do not know what is Alfama? No.

The first night, I ran around, also reached one of the old town in Lisbon. Roads are nice or tiny, paved with slick bricks everywhere. It is raining, it is always strong, but foot wear is also easy to break the nose. However, under light, the road light up, iridescent look beautiful. The roads are small, up and down, winding and winding, tired. Lisbon is a crime, built on mountainous terrain, so it is very hard for to move. When I looked at the car trying to run up the nearly vertical slope, with a angle of over 45 degrees, or look at the bus crashed straight down the slope 60 degrees, and I was standing at the end of the slope that heart attack, admiration Lisbon. They drove into god. Only some motorcycles, cars, bus slowly rumbling up the new ramp. Oddly so smooth, the car is still very straight forward, not tilted, fallen, or have any kind of seduction. Only passers-by are scared of hearing the sound of the backside or some headlight down.

  • Impression with the streets

The streets in Lisbon are so small that the pavement is also very modest. White stones are shiny white people are all rushed to sit at the time. Young people drinking beer, smoking. The old doctor took the seat out, looked at the house watching the film and talked together. The dreamy scene as the collective of Vietnam in the early 90s. The house has fallen, rubbish tragic. The walls have peeled a little more, painted blue, red, orange eyes. Green or blue wooden windows shake ahead of time. The houses are slightly better than the blue tiles enamelled blue Azulejo - is the traditional beauty of Portugal.

I visited Alfama

  •  Ceramic Style - Azulejo

I found this type of ceramic tiles with blue patterns like Chinese porcelain enamel, probably was introduced here during the discovery when the Portuguese people take advantage of the port strength and brave heart of the wolves. sea. Azulejo flourished in both Spain and Portugal from the 15th century and prospered in the 17th and 18th centuries. During the blossoming period, the Azulejo can be found at the surface of churches, inside the train stations, in palaces, in the extravagant, splendid, baroque baroque. In Lisbon a lot, but in Porto, Azulejo is everywhere.

However, I found that when exposed to the surface of houses, haunted by dust and dust, the Azulejo tiles often looked like toilet tiles and were poorly carved. Sometimes, there are some houses, sophisticated Azulejo motifs?


  • Portugal - Glorious Maritime of Discovery has passed.

Old Iron Balconies show Portugal poor economy but I still love this place.!!!

Then suddenly the colonial memory and my glorious maritime voyages disappeared in the old iron balconies with the baggy woman, the hanging apron hanging on the cord. Another woman was watering the tree outside the door talking up, her hairy friend standing up smoking, laughing love. Portugal is really sloppy and lovely.

  • I love these Yellow Electric train.

My trip to Alfama was interrupted by super cheap leather goods and good restaurants.
I go from 10am to 2pm to arrive, while the schedule is only 40 minutes. The first point that I came to Alfama was the yellow electric train.


The yellow electric train anchored in a tangle of lattice in the sky, running like he was from the chinese temple. Yellow electric trains live for years, sticking to the image of Lisbon on every postcard or paintings. Yellow trains go from the crowded area to the old quarter. There is a castle, there are beautiful poets, there are colorful houses, still ancient, broken. But from Alfama looking out to the Tejo River when it turns from late afternoon, I felt so beautiful.

I visited Alfama

  • I want to stay more in Lisbon

We are hungry to get up here, look down the undulating roofs, rivers open as the sea, divide the color segment: blue, pink, red, the wind blows like to roll down, see Alfama really worth. The buses are avoiding each other up and down the slope, headlights flurry the road, dark sky collapsed, passersby rumblings, the squad sitting on the stone platform of the church rusty I want to stay in Lisbon more ¨.

¨Have any street fun, give me one day ...


I visited Alfama

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