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    Ba Be Lake - Bac Kan - Vietnam

    Ba Be Lake, The story of the second time return !!! 17/06/2017   We came to Ba Be Lake at the same time the sun was awake. Ba Be's Dawn is so fresh and soothing. The first halo appears in the mountains making the surface of the lake bright yellow. When the thin mist...

    0 by Hoàng in Erasmus blog Vietnam, 3 hours ago
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    Ho Chi Minh City - The Pearl of Indochina ( part 1)

    Saigon is in two rainy and sunny seasons. It does not suffer from big water, it is not as stable as the West, it is flooded, it does not sleep through the night like the Central. Winter, the burning heat, the tunnel of the northern summer. The weather as well as the...

    0 by Hoàng in Erasmus blog Ho Chi Minh City, 4 hours ago
  • Experience

    ENV - Volunteer for Endangered Species in Hanoi

    Today I will share with your guys one of my most interesting volunteering activities I have joined in Hanoi.  I hope that if you have strength and good health living or studying in Hanoi, this activity is for you to join. You can also join the network of volunteering...

    0 by Hoàng in Erasmus experiences Hanoi, 7 hours ago
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    Golden Triangle and the story of Death Princess

    Golden Triangle and the story of Death Princess My first trip to Chiang Mai, I also went to Golden Triangle. At that time it was curious to know how opium it should hear you go is to go straight away without paying any attention to culture or history so go there to...

    0 by Hoàng in Erasmus blog Chiang Mai, 17 hours ago
  • Experience

    Nem - Vietnamese Spring Rolls with Erasmus Friends

    Because nem is so famous and so popular with Vietnamese people, even Vietnamese restaurants in Europe make this dish, and there are many international friends to eat this dish, so to tell the truth. I kept thinking when I started writing this article, did not know if...

    0 by Hoàng in Erasmus experiences URV , 18 hours ago
  • Experience

    NHA AM Coffee House - Vietnam War and LGBT headquarters.

    Today as I am writing this article, I am sitting in one of my most favorite coffee houses in HaNoi which is called NHA AM COFFEE. NHA AM literary means the warm house coffee. This is my one of my best recommended coffee houses that I suggest for international students...

    0 by Hoàng in Erasmus experiences Hanoi, 2 days ago
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    Madrid - My Majesty!!! ( Part 1)

    It’s hard to explain why I visited Madrid; when arrived at Tarragona, near Barcelona, for my one year exchange, many friends advised me against visiting Madrid, they said Barcelona is better than Madrid. To compare, Barcelona is more modern, international than Madrid,...

    0 by Hoàng in Erasmus blog Madrid, 2 days ago
  • Place

    Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

    I find the beauty of the majority of foreigners traveling inside and outside their country often frequented historical sites, culture, art works to explore, discover. I traveled extensively in Europe and visited great art museums to help me learn and learn more about...

    by Hoàng in What to see Hanoi, 2 days ago
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    Trang Tien Ice cream

    Today, in Hanoi, the weather is hot, I think of ice cream. To tell the truth, in tropical countries like Vietnam, ice cream is indispensable. I love to eat ice cream, I remember visiting Italy, in every city I came to a Gelato cream myself, although to say that a...

    by Hoàng in Where to eat Hanoi, 2 days ago
  • Experience

    Caramelized Pork and Eggs ( Vietnamese Traditional Food) Recipe

    Today at home cooking for the whole family, I decided to make "thịt kho tàu" (if translated into English it is called Caramelized Pork and Eggs).    Caramelized Pork and Eggs are easy to make and easy to save, especially when in Spain, I often cook this dish...

    0 by Hoàng in Erasmus experiences Hanoi, 4 days ago
  • Experience

    Hoang - My name, The name of a sunset photographer

    As a landscape enthusiast, for me, landscape photography has a variety of subjects, of which sea is one of the most popular themes of composition.   To tell the truth, I like to capture the most attractive landscapes in the sunrise and sunset. However, to get the...

    0 by Hoàng in Erasmus experiences URV , 4 days ago
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    Berlin - Tips for travelling.

    I arrived in Berlin for the first time luckily for my friends, Chau is currently studying information technology in Berlin, thanks to Chau I am more comfortable to explore the vast Berlin. The first thing I have to say is Berlin is really wide, very wide. The size of...

    0 by Hoàng in Erasmus blog Berlin, 5 days ago
  • Experience

    Lost in Holocaust Jews Memorial in Berlin

    Lost in Holocaust Jews Memorial "The Jews tortured, exiled and repressed unlike any other people in history." I walk slowly through the concrete blocks at the Holocaust Memorial in Europe, or the Holocaust Memorial. For me it was a painful but peaceful experience....

    0 by Hoàng in Erasmus experiences Berlin, 5 days ago
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    Camp Nou - My dream has come true

    I used to go to Bacerlona and back again, I decided to go to the Nou Camp. In fact, most tourists who come to Barcelona full of beautiful scenery and rich history to visit this famous football stadium. To be honest, you can see that even my profile photo is actually...

    0 by Hoàng in Erasmus blog Barcelona, 6 days ago
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    Toledo - Sunset in the old capital

    Saying goodbye to the huge windmills in Consuegra, I visited the ancient city of Toledo, the first capital of Spain. I must tell you that through the history, cultural influences and architectural styles of the religious beliefs here, Toledo has made a distinctive...

    0 by Hoàng in Erasmus blog Toledo, 6 days ago
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    Amsterdam _ My great experience with Amsterdam Region Travel Ticket

    Amsterdam is no strange to those who have been to Europe for a long time, and obviously to an erasmus student who has visited 15 European countries like me, obviously Amsterdam is a must-visit. After experiencing the amsterdam region travel card, I had an excellent...

    0 by Hoàng in Erasmus blog Amsterdam, 6 days ago
  • Place

    The most romantic city in NorhVietnam

    I just returned from Saigon after a few days of visiting. The plane landed, Hanoi welcomes me on an early autumn October fall with light sunshine and less heat. Hanoi is calm and tolerant now. Why, because Hanoi treats a man who thought of leaving the city to go to...

    by Hoàng in What to see Hanoi, 7 days ago
  • Experience

    Some words about Thailand

    As far as I know and feel after the trip to Thailand recently, tourism is one of the key economic sectors of the country. The Thai government is very focused on promoting tourism and cultural specialties with international friends. With what I have witnessed, I have to...

    0 by Hoàng in Erasmus experiences Bangkok, 7 days ago
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    My Sapa schedule self-sufficiency in 3 days 2 nights (detail)

    My Sapa schedule self-sufficiency in 3 days 2 nights (detail)Sapa is my favorite town in North Vietnam. Where to enjoy fresh air cool in the spring - fall - autumn. And also snow in winter. In Sapa there is not only the Hoang Lien Son mountain range, which has Fansipan...

    0 by Hoàng in Erasmus blog NEU, 7 days ago
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    Zaanse Schans _ A traditional Dutch Beauty

    Zaanse Schans - A Dutch beautyIf it is said that Spain is the country of the bull fighting and Lively Flamenco dance i, the Netherlands is famous for the windmills.I have to say the truth is that although I have been in Spain for almost 10 months, I still have not...

    0 by Hoàng in Erasmus blog Zaandam, 7 days ago
  • Experience

    Vietnam - how to deal with Corrupt Traffic Police

    Today I was just punished by the traffic police in Vietnam, in general also unfortunately. I have to pay a lot of money not to the goverment but to the policemen, they will keep these money for themselves. So I decided to write this article for international students...

    0 by Hoàng in Erasmus experiences NEU , 8 days ago
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    Ninh Binh

    NINH BINH: Trang An – Tam Coc – Cuc Phuong, an awesome combo. I have been to Ninh Binh 3 times, in different times of a year,  just to visit three above mentioned sites. Every single time I just went on one-day trip due to the...

    0 by Hoàng in Erasmus blog Vietnam, 9 days ago
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    Zaanse Schans Part I _ Preparations

    In the album of photographs of a journey to explore the Netherlands, I could not lack the pictures of windmills, more beautiful than Kinderdijk or Zaanse Schans.To tell the truth, I spent three days in a row to visit expensive Amsterdam as well to be able to visit the...

    0 by Hoàng in Erasmus blog Amsterdam, 9 days ago
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    Bologna - a day trip from Piacenza

    During the first trip to Italy, in this trip I have been visited three cities including Milano, Piacenza and Parma. Actually I have been staying for a long time with my friend, his name is Nam. He is studying in Milan University of Architecture, however the campus of...

    0 by Hoàng in Erasmus blog Bologna, 9 days ago
  • Experience

    The tea culture in my hometown ( Part 1)

    From ancient times, tea is a tradition of bold Vietnamese tradition. Definitely the Vietnamese people, no one does not know tea cups (tea) Thai Nguyen famous, but not everyone is deeply impressed by the tea culture. Join me and Viet Co Tea to learn about this special...

    0 by Hoàng in Erasmus experiences Hanoi, 10 days ago

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