Vatican with friends


  • Roma Termini railway station

I arrived at Rome's central station after a rather quiet train at midnight late from Fiumicino Airport - Aeroporti di Roma to the center of Roma. But I felt the silence quickly overwhelmed by the noise and the loudspeakers echoing as I stepped off the station. Rome is located in the central area and is the hub of the country's interprovincial high-speed rail system, so Roma Termini Station is probably the busiest and most crowded station in Italy. It is also a station for trains running in the city; in addition it has a system of supermarkets no less than a large airport.

The first point I noticed when walking in the Italian capital is that there are quite a lot of homeless people here, usually at the door of the street shops at midnight when these stores has closed, quite a lot of people live without enough food and drink. I guess they are probably immigrants because Italy is the EU gateway where immigrants first set foot before they want to go into European soil. Just outside of Rome Termini Station was quite late, but some charity organizations was still collecting food and distributing it to the poor, who were in long queues, mostly old and sick. Then on the way back I still encounter people who are huddled at the door of the grocery, looking very pitiful. Europe is not really all rosy as we have heard; many are poor and their own social and political instability.

  • A hostel like ghost movies

My host house is about 35 minutes' walk from Roma Termini, looking outside it like an old house at the end of a long block of the big street. Surprisingly, I saw the first floor gate is electrically open but it is still opening at that time, I did not hesitate to go straight. This quiet house has a main staircase in the middle and rooms around but no room is open, house reception is not available. I walked all 6 floors of the building and I still cannot find the host, but I also have no way to contact them because my phone does not have any money left. It was my accident of forgetting to buy money for my Lyca sim as I have been using Whatsapp to call for a long time so money in phone is just for 3g. It was 11 o'clock at night, weird. Normally the evening at the hostel I went through is usually quite bustling because there or there is a living room, but not as bright as this.

After a long while searching, I started to see the stalk and also feel a bit of a horror because the house is a bit heavy air like the mansion in the horror stories. I just knocked on the door knocking a room on the 4th floor. A middle-aged guy came out, I said I just arrived in Rome and are looking for this hostel. He said he was unclear and did not know where the receptionist was. After a moment of thinking, he remembered something and took me to a room on the second floor. Then it was the owner of this house on the second floor, a young man over 30 to meet me. Foolish, whole soul.

Check this guy led me to another building a few streets away. This house is similar to the other house; I saw a glimpse of the sea outside the door of the address and the year of building this house, about the 17th century. Elevator used here is also the type of iron like the elevator that Jack and Rose ran away in the Titanic. Although the house is quite old but the walls and wooden doors are quite modern, the interior is also nice and clean. The hostess led me into the room and handed over the key and instructed me to use the furniture in the room, the door lock and the elevator door. After the transfer, he went home.

At this time, only left alone in the dark room, I have not found the light switch. The light of the corridor beamed against me, making me glimpse at the bed opposite a very long platinum hair. I think I'm with ghosts. I guessed it was someone else who was sleeping but still feeling horrible. Well, I cleaned up the things to prepare myself for bed.

Sometimes later, someone came to the room, a Chinese student studying in Spain. Although tired, I tried to sit up and say hello to him. He speaks English very well and speaks continuously. I realized that I have to go this way to know that I have too many things too, young students abroad they are very open and dynamic, good at a lot of foreign languages. They not only know how to communicate very well, just like my friend Jorge I met in Florence. After a while, the blonde girl began to crawl up in a sleepy voice, maybe she heard something related to her. Turns out this girl I later learned was from Finland but moved to live in Spain, so they talked to each other like you did not last long, of course speaking in Spanish and I do not understand anything. I went to bed to sleep the next morning to the Vatican. Tomorrow I will meet my old friends, they are going to Roma to travel with me.

  • Heading toward the Vatican

After sleeping a lot for 1 pm to 9pm, I have to end a long night that I made a late morning light. Even today I will go to the Vatican, to spend the next day for the Colloseum and after I will be wandering to discovery this vast city. Around this hostel there are also many small supermarkets and the price is just a little more expensive than Tarragona, one thing I miss is the pretty breads are hot, the meat inside is cut Slice and bake then to slice into small fragrant pieces of fresh meat. I left Roma Termini Station and took the subway to the Vatican.

  • Piazza San Pietro – the first impression with the Holy

It was only 11 am but the scene inside St. Pietro Square (Piazza San Pietro in Italian) was crowded. Late arrivals stood outside the fence, asking to know that I was on the fourth day of the week, the day the Pope preached in the morning. Unfortunately, the Pope only appeared at a very short time so I did not have the opportunity to see the head of the Vatican state. After the ceremony, at 12 noon the Holy See began to open the fence and tourists began to jam in from eight directions. The time from the start of my queuing to the entrance to the hall was not very long, at about 30 ', and as with many museums in other European cities, security personnel thoroughly checked the bag as well as handbags and belongings of tourists (to avoid the bomb!).


Before I came to this small country, I did not really have much idea of it, just to hear a few vague things, and actually when I planned I figured out that the Vatican was a destination of Rome only. But when you come here to feel the culture, religion strongly influenced in this country and people here. The mystery is contained in every facial expression, the walls and every sculpture in the museum. Anyway, I'm just a faraway guest, let's go and go on a tour, feel it or go there.

The Vatican is open from Monday to Saturday and the last Sunday of the month, if you plan to arrive in the morning, arrive a little early because the queue time is quite large. Entering the lobby area is free, but if you want to visit the museum area or visit the tower to buy tickets, to avoid waiting in line for long tickets you can buy tickets online, should also pay attention to Those who have bought a Roma Pass cannot use it in the Vatican because it is a private state, unrelated to Rome and Italy.

Rome today is not cloudless, the Mediterranean land from Barcelona to Italy this weather is so cute, you do not need to equip expensive camera equipment with just a small smartphone You can also produce a beautiful picture with the sky. Wandering around the square, the guards also opened the door for people to rush in. There are a lot of doors and they know very well how to make arrangements so that they do not rush into the scene, of course, all the belongings must be through a security scanner to avoid suicide bombers into the holy church.

Because of their independence, they also had their own state and military units. The guard of the Holy See was a swarthy, unique outfit, holding a sword of 2.5 meters in length. The general feeling of entering the cathedral was the greatness of its vastness, the dome was very high and all of it was solemn, solemn and mysterious. Here are a lot of great statues and works of art that I do not understand very much, it made me associate with the movie very famous "Code De DaVinci" because this movie is set in the Holy See. For me, I felt everything seems to have a story of its own and is the pride of Catholics. Staffs are very serious and guide enthusiastic travelers. I just go to look, sometimes again to read to learn more about what you are seeing headphones in the smallest country in the world!

  • Vatican – World’s smallest nation with its unique religion culture

Vatican is the world's smallest sovereign country and has been the home of the Popes for so many years. Similarly, it is the holiest destination for Roman Catholics, similar to Mecca in the Middle East.


Stopping in front of the Holy See, we join the crowds who are curious to watch the guards with their old-fashioned blue-red-yellow-striped uniforms, red-rimmed hat, swords dangling hips or hand grips (but do not despise it: behind the ancient sword, they are also armed with modern weapons Beretta-38 it!). These are the Swiss Guards, the official army of the Vatican, which for 500 years limited military recruitment in the Swiss Catholic youth.


After the 11-9-2001, among the recruits were Yacute. Of course, unknown visitors like us did not dream of going to the Holy See, so they just wandered in front of the port for a few minutes, shooting each other for a few minutes to bring home their friends. I felt more excitingly exploring the kingdom of the Pope.

It was born in the fourth century, but not until 1929, after the Treaty of Latran. Between the Mussolini administration and Pope Pius XV, the Vatican was completely autonomous as an independent state under international law. The Vatican's territory includes the Basilica of Saint Peter, Saint Peter's Square, the Museum, the Holy See, the park and the streets. In addition, there are a number of properties scattered across Rome and across the country, and are awarded the same territorial jurisdiction as those for embassies.

  • St. Peter's Basilica


As the "jewel of the Vatican crown, " St. Peter's Basilica is one of the most magnificent churches in the world. Before coming here, I have read some about this great church. This work began in 1506 on an ancient church ordered by Pope Julius II and throughout the 200 years of reconstruction by renowned architects and painters such as Bramande, Raphael, In particular, Michelangelo, who designed the huge dome almost entirely of stone, made the nearby Pantheon reputation obscure.

Then, I stepped inside the cathedral, my first feeling is overwhelmed! Which is a magnificent pedestal, stone columns, majestic religious statues, then paintings, then prints, reliefs, murals on the ceiling... but most everything here in front of my eyes is a work of art. Just as the patrons are accustomed to the meager meals that are suddenly treated to a royal feast of supper, we get confused knowing where to start and what to enjoy first.

After that I slowly moved around and had a little look around each place, like the countryside guy who is curious to try each piece of delicious cake from the city before, in the end just pick a favorite item, we have to find the cheese. La Pieta, a scene of Our Lady embracing the body of God by Michelangelo has created at his age of 23 years old.

  • La Pieta – Our Lady

For me, it was just like the 4-meter-tall statue of David set in Florence's square, La Pieta, under the hand of the talented architect, transformed the white marble into soft flesh, revealing every inch of the texture. And even better is the patience of the mother, whose time and the pain of humanity do not affect the youthfulness of the face of the holy.


Unfortunately, I cannot fit into the delicate gowns to enjoy the divine grace, because now people can only admire La Pieta through a thick shield, after the fact that a radical using a statue hammer in 1972 intending to destroy it.

One of the important markers in the church building is the genius architect Gian Lorenzo Bernini, master of the Baroque style. In the seventeenth century, in order to expand the church's façade, Bernini designed the four columns into an arc enclosing the square in front, just as the extended arms welcomed the whole of humanity..

A few hours on the enormous Saint Peter Square, is actually an art gallery, displayed on hundreds of towering columns decorated with 140 statues.

Prominent in the center of the square is the Egyptian tower weighing 300 tons, dating from the 13th century BC. After 1,300 years of standing in the homeland, the ancient columns began to fate as the remains of Roman emperors Caligula brought to Rome to decorate the square next to the palace and relieve it for 1,500 years. In the 16th century, when the chapel of Saint Peter was built, once again the pillar was moved to the front of the church to decorate the square.

  • The basement – tombs of the Popes of all ages

Finally, I entered the basilica and was led down to the basement, where there were tombs of the Popes of all ages. Each tomb is truly astonishing architecture, bringing a beautiful beauty. In each tomb they write about each pope and what they have to offer. Stepping down the corridor, I noticed a larger crowd than usual around one of the graves. When I got there, I was not surprised to see the tomb of Pope John Paul II. He is considered one of the best popes of the Catholic Church and one of the 20th century's most influential world leaders. At the papacy for nearly 30 years, he has had one a familiar place in the minds of any Catholic. For me personally, crowds just gather around Pope John Paul II's tomb, with few visitors to the tombs of the new Popes, acting as if it is not good. Although Pope John Paul II was a great pope, every dead papal deserves respect.

After visiting the tombs of the Pope, I went upstairs to enter the church, immediately impressed by its beauty. The size of the monument is the first thing, and every piece of art and small details seem to be perfectly crafted. The church is a perfect work, nothing wrong.

Having visited Notre Dame and Le Sacré Coeur in Paris, to St Mark in Venice, I think this is the best church in the world. Inside the church, the statues of Peter are present in every place. I feel every inch of this is built with a lot of thought and passion, from curved dome to the walls are decorated delicate. One thing I do when I go to a church is to go to a small chapel, say a prayer and then sit back and admire its beauty.

  • Vatican Museum


Leaving the church, I started to visit the Vatican Museum, by the way take a lunch in a cafe on the way. I entered the Museum with only one goal in mind: to visit the Sistine Chapel. Unfortunately, the chapel is at the back of the museum, and the only way to get there is to go all the way to the museum. The Vatican Museum is full of sculptures, tapestries, and paintings, all of which deserve to be appreciated. There are even some works by Salvador Dalí, the surrealist artist I have heard my friends praise.


Vatican with friends

I learned a lot of paintings, sculptures and other artworks collected by the popes for centuries. It is the only country in the world recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Every corner or wall of this little kingdom kept a treasure, so I just know to try to make the most of the time to preserve the memories.

Vatican with friends

Vatican with friends

Getting to the Sistine in this enormous maze turns out to be extremely simple, because everywhere there are signboards. Directional arrows such as magnets draw people in turns to the chapel. Entering the small room, only 40 meters long and 12 meters across, was full of people. Here are strict rules: no phone, no video, no flash, absolutely quiet...

Although most of them strictly adhere to, but the whole crowd in the same series "go slightly - whisper - chuckling" also turned into the market as broken. Violation of the rules is the most serious is Qu & yacute; the guard, just described to prevent the flashes flashed on it and whispered very loudly "please keep quiet"!


Photo source: Wikimedia - they do not allow me to take photo inside the Sistine Chapel

  • The Sistine Chapel

  • Personally, I believe that is no exaggeration to say that the Sistine was rated "the greatest gallery of Renaissance paintings. " Covering the walls are 12 large frescoes by prominent artists such as Perugino, Botticelli, Signorelli, Roselli, whose most notable feature is the mural that occupies the ceiling of Michelangelo's chapel - depicting important times in the history of humanity based on the Old Testament.
  • At the request of Pope John Paul II, who painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, Michelangelo, who considered himself a sculptor, lamented: "That is not my job?" But like many other works that he initially refused, when forced to work, he concentrated all his efforts and enthusiasm. And after four years of hard work, he devoted himself to a masterpiece of art. Then I heard for looking up to draw in so long that his neck was then deviated and very tired.
  • After all, Michelangelo has achieved only one of three feats: carving the statue of David, building the Basilica of Saint Peter, or painting a mural on the ceiling of the Sistine, he has also gained a solid foothold in history of the art of mankind.
  • The Sistine Chapel was built between 1473 and 1480 by the artist Giovanni de'Dolci on the orders of Pope Sixtus IV. It was a rectangular room used for the sacrifice and more recently the place where the papal elections took place. The chapel is covered by frescoes, most notably the Last Judgment Day which depicts the return of Michelangelo. This is truly a masterpiece that I think visitors to the Vatican Museum cannot ignore.
  • Michelangelo "Sublime Man" of the Renaissance

The Catholic Church has had a great influence in the spiritual life of Europe. Christianity is also a big topic explored and created by Renaissance Renaissance artists. There is a lot of poetry, music, sculpture, painting... on this topic. Leonardo Da Vinci has "Mother in the cave" and "Last Party"; Raphaello had the "Sistine Mother"; Pontormo has the painting "Bring God from the Cross".


  • Picture on the domed Sistine Chapel

But maybe Michenlangelo is the one who has the most brilliant work on the subject, because his writing career for a number of reasons has been tied to Christianity. Throughout his life, Michenlangelo recognized himself as a sculptor, though he was also very skilled in painting and poetry. He, by his talent and personality, together with people like Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael had "forced" mankind to have a different view, a different way of thinking about the role and status of the painter and sculpture in society.

Two of his famous works, "Our Lady of Sorrows" and "King David, " were made before he turned 30.


Moreover, I was impressed with Michelangelo’s work as he was regarded as the first Western artist to have a biography published while still alive. Then, my friend tried to compare Michelangelo with Raphael Sanzio. However, although I know that these two genius artists serve the Vatican, I feel they are very different in style as well as in the human person. Michelangelo's work exemplifies the majestic art, while Raphael's paintings represent a gentle beauty. Michelangelo is a unique creative genius, and Raphael is a genius to absorb and summarize the good of the times. It is common ground that the two brought art together to an unprecedented height in the most glorious era of world history.

  • Great work on the Sistine Chapel – the picture of life

My first impression when I went into the Sistine Chapel is that there are many paintings, which I could easily see the process of 7 days of creation the life on earth. I was lucky to have bought the mp3 audio guide which is little bit expensive but help me to understand it completely.

It is known that Michenlangelo originally planned to paint the canopy on the roof of the church by the way. But when it is learned that the scumbags that he could not finish the painting, he decided to paint a picture of life, both in terms of scale, in terms of art level, to allow the envious. haters

Vatican with friends

The Sistine Chapel was built in the late 15th century. Previously, Renaissance painters has already painted some mural paintings on the walls of the church. However, there is an area left which is also the hardest position - the ceiling area of the dome, the predecessors have to "leave" for posterity.


The first is Michenlangelo to remove the scaffolding of the architect built, built a new scaffolding itself. He also sent off all the assistants who had been sent, claiming that they did not meet his standards. The interesting thing which I could not forget is that Michenlangelo has never used colored powder, never painted a painting; so Michenlangelo locked himself in the space of the Sistine Chapel, studying and working.

Vatican with friends

Vatican with friends

Unbelievable! How can the popes let someone has not ever paint colored powder to make the most important ceiling of Vatican?

I could not believe that. But I did believe in the talents of Michenlangelo.

He had to climb up a very high scaffold, with his back to the ceiling in a very difficult position, continuously for 4 years and 3 months. After that long time, the painting on the dome of the Sistine Chapel has finally inaugurated.

The roof of the Sistine church covers an area of 540 square meters. The theme of the painting is the story "Creation" in the Old Testament, made up of nine linked paintings. The composition has more than 300 characters and nine central episodes from the Book of Revelation, divided into three groups: the first is the Creation of the World of Heaven and Earth of God; the second is that God created the first man and woman Adam and Eve and the loss of God's grace for disobedience should be driven out of Eden; And finally, the third group is the supplication of humanity and especially of Noah's family.

Each of his drawings not only carries the reverence and contemplation of Heaven but also highlights a pure divine soul, a departure from earthly desires. The characters in the painting are almost naked, but these images do not cause any thoughts are not pure. Michelangelo painted them as very strong men and women, immersed in reflection, reading, writing, arguing, or listening to a voice from within.


  • The scene of the Creation of Adam
  • The "final judgment" painting and the canonical details "The Lord gives life to Adam" is considered the center and focus of the painting. Michenlangelo painted Adam on the ground with all the strength and beauty worthy of the first man; The Father is approaching from one side, supported by his angels, wrapped in a broad and imposing robe that unfurls like a sail by the wind, evoking comfort and speed as he glides. go in the space. As he reached out his hand, without touching Adam's finger, we saw the first man rise up, as though from a deep sleep, and look at his father's maternal face.
  • My friend who is a Catholics told me that the painting actually has a deep meaning. It is the fact that the painting to show the reflection between human and god, which if we looked more carefully, we would see the surroundings of god looks like a brain.
  • Here it means true god is the real thing, is human with talents, intelligence and knowledge.
  • As my friend told the story to the whole group, everyone in my team has a postcard of the painting as a souvenir for Vatican.

Next, we just went around visiting the Vatican museum by our own. I do spend time to look at another masterpiece – the school of Athens. I was very happy to see this painting as I have learned about it at the philosophy class at my university.


  • La scuola di Atene - The School of Athens
  • Until now and later, I would assure that the walls of the Vatican will never be restored or replaced, but rather preserved and kept as national cultural heritages, because it is the place that left the great masterpiece of one of the most brilliant painters of Renaissance painting Italy - Raffaello Santi.
  • I learned about the painting "School of Athens" in the philosophy class, which is one of the four themes Rafael chose to carve on the wall (the remaining themes include: Theology "Disputa", the poem "Parnassus" and "jurisprudence" law, and is also the most talked-about masterpiece when the characters in his paintings represent the cradle of human culture development: philosophy and science.
  • This is a work Rafael spent much dedication for nearly 3 years and is also his most devoted work. He uses depth drawing to expand the wall space and perspective art to enhance the image of central characters. In addition, he uses the "anatomy" style of Michelangelo to portray every detail of the body beauty of each character and the "light, dark" art of Leonardo de Vinci to brighten the masterpiece.
  • I still remember the lecture of professor. Nghia, he said that the critic said: "The school of Athens is not simply a school in the normal sense, where there is a collection of great human beings, each The sage, the scientist has been highlighted by Rafael in his painting, and thus can be understood as a school that laid the foundations for human thought. " Renaissance is the time when ancient Greek and Roman values arose, human beauty, old thought honored. Rafael chose philosophical themes as well as the tendency of humanism in this period. "Thames School" is the glory of the world before the birth of Christ.
  • Philosophy in the new view of science, mathematics, visual arts, and the nature of human development comes from theology and religion. The philosophical ancestors of Plato and Aristotle came to the middle of the painting as representing the two opposing philosophical schools. Plato, with his right hand raised to heaven, and Aristote, Hand as against Heaven, the image symbolizes Earth.
  • It is the style of two philosophers, one who pursues metaphysical theory, the other a protector of practical science. To the left, the people in Plato's direction were studying the mystery of the universe, and the right-hand side of Aristotelian philosophers was watching closely the laws of human nature.
  • Moreover, I like the beauty of Rafael's that he categorically rank two philosophical schools: the metaphysical and the factual inset into the whole picture as if to honor the need of both schools.. Two philosophers, one who "up" to Heaven, one "headed" to the Earth, stood together under the Athens dome to open the blue sky. More, the book on Plato's hand is placed in a longitudinal shape and on Aristotle's hand it is placed in a horizontal pattern representing the "vertical, horizontal" of the sky. Plato is vertical and Aristotle is horizontal and the two lines meet at one common point, "Permanent", a symbolic image that not all artists are portrayed in nature.

Standing there for 15 minutes taking some photos for my teacher, I continued my journey in Vatican museum, in this I wanted to go somewhere higher and highest of the Holy place.

  • From the top of the cathedral

So I bought a ticket to get to the top of the shrine, the ticket price for the stairs was 5 euros and 7 euros with the lift, of course I was on the stairs, the lift was what I call a discovery!


My photo after pps - All right reserved

At first glance, it is easy to see but to see the top of the tower to spend quite a lot of energy, not because it is too high or slope but it is a path up the spiral and the longer the road, the smaller the road, getting close to the top, the road just for one go even one section must be inclined people can pass. However, they are just the little things that cannot stop my curiosity to explore as well as other tourists. From the top of the tower I can see the whole of Vatican City and St. Pietro.

These days in the right Easter holidays so I have met tourists everywhere. I also met many families together, they let their children go on holiday; learn about the strange land of the old continent, there are also Vietnamese families living abroad.

I realize that the Vietnamese community in Europe is not that rare, they are mostly people who have been through this area for decades, doing business and giving birth here.

A good thing is a Vietnamese-German family I meet, their children talk to their parents in their mother tongue (Vietnamese), but they communicate in German, perhaps they are familiar with the surrounding environment then, the mother tongue is only because of their parents to help them to learn and remind of the fatherland only!

After a few minutes of climbing to the top of the tower and watching the panorama of the Vatican, I began to move down. At the bottom of the tower there is a large yard, where visitors can rest, wash their hands and eat. I also take advantage of the opportunity to deal with piles of food to bring, and relax at the same time, just have the same lining to enjoy the cold air and the warm sunshine, feeling like enjoying a dream living environment...

Then our group met again at the St. Peter’s Square, We have walked out of the Holy See, we walked around for a while around St. Peter's Square, and head straight ahead of the square.

Both sides of this street are quite a lot of souvenir shops and restaurants, and one thing you cannot help but try when you come to Rome as well as the Vatican is to enjoy Italian ice cream here. Ice cream with a lot of taste and many different prices depending on the size of the cup you choose. I tried it and probably addicted to ice cream Italy, after that day I have to buy 2 things to eat it!

Go all the way you will see the Fiume Tevere river running along the spine of Rome and stop at the Ponte Sant'Angelo bridge to see the shrine from a distance. The bridge directly connects to the famous Castel Sant'Angelo, which stands like an ancient castle.

  • Vatican Sunset with friends.

The ultimate goal of today is a set of Vatican sunset images. We walked around and waited for a long time to see the Holy Trinity lights on the sunset. At this point, tourists have left only a handful of photographers like me to stay and I know that this is not a good time to work.


Beautiful Vatican City, the yellow walls are still quite new despite having spent hundreds of years on the blue sky to create a virtual scene.



When I finished shooting, it was 7 pm, I walked along the lines of people rushed to catch the train to the hostel.

Goodbye my friends!


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