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Jardim do Campo Grande

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A Park Full of History

Published by Bernardo Nunes — one year ago

Jardim do Campo Grande is the biggest park in the center of Lisbon, and also one with centuries of history, being the stage of historical events at least since the 14th century! Nowadays it is a good place for jogging and biking, studying and relaxing, although it is a park where you will never be completely away from the city, as it is always possible to see cars surrounding it, yet you may still find peace and quietness here.

The Park

Jardim do Campo Grande is a park located in the Campo Grande area in Lisbon. It is the biggest park in Lisbon's center with 1. 2 kilometers of length, but just 200 meters of width, meaning you can not really immerse yourself in nature here, as car roads and noises are always present, as well as planes flying over constantly, which is not bad to take pictures of! However, it is a good place for jogging and riding a bike, as it is a long park!





Some History

In the 14th century a siege was made here by the King of Castille to the city of Lisbon. In 1816 the first horse races happened here, and in 1869 the contruction of the main lake is started to please wifes and families of horse lovers, and so are born the romantic boat rides used by aristocracy. In 1941 this park was devastated by a cyclone. It was then reconstructed and enlarged, and two tennis courts were built, as well as a skating ring. Through the years several things have been added, such as the Caleidoscópio building, Padel Courts, children's playgrounds and a gym.


Places to Visit

Casa do Lago

In the middle of this park you have a restaurant called Casa do Lago. This is a very pretty one as it is located in the middle of a lake, the same lake where you can rent a boat, as aristocracy did in the 19th century! The restaurant is very nice and the average cost for a lunch is 18€ for two people. You can check the menu and opening hours here. I have only been to this restaurant twice, and it was always for dinner parties. I liked them very much, but can only approve the drinks as I did not pay attention to the food I was eating. Yet, I can assure you that the place has a very good ambiance, because of the lake surrounding it, and its architecture.


Boat Riding

Adjacent to this restaurant is the palce where you can rent a boat. I have never done it, but would like to try it. For 5€ you can ride for half an hour, and for 8€ you can go for a full hour. You can also try to dive in the lake, although it is not very common. Usually the ones who do this are freshmen from the surrounding Universities that are made into taking a swim as a form of initiation to enter and be part of the student academic community.


Studying in Caleidoscópio

Because of the surrounding Universities there are many places where you can go, either for studying or for relaxing, drinking a beer and watching a football game. To study you have a really big place called Caleidoscópio with a wide room full of tables and chairs, really good lighting, and free wi-fi. Although it is big, it still can be full most of the times, even more when you are in exam periods. Nonetheless, I advise you to go there if you like silence, good lighting and like Macdonalds, as it is in the very same building, along with the MacDrive. It is really a combination.




Student Gatherings

Outside you can head to the other side of the street and go for some Tapas and beers in 100 Montaditos, a Spanish restaurant chain that offers cheap food and drinks. Beside it you have the Mini Campus, a place where students gather to drink some beers and watch a football game in their screen. It is like a supermarket with a terrace, and it is a place frequented by students of surrounding universities. If you are studying in Universidade de Lisboa, in the faculties located in Campo Grande, you should try it.




How to Get There

To get here you have two metro stations: Entrecampos and Campo Grande, each located at each tip of the park. There are also several bus stations surrounding it, but you can also pick a Gira and bike to it and through it. It is your choice!


And this is one more park in Lisbon!


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