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A Place to Play Darts and Snooker

Published by Bernardo Nunes — one year ago

If you are a dart or snooker lover, then you should come to this place. It is a place that is full of students, it is where people gather to see football games, drink a beer and smoke smoke some cigars. Some even study in it, others just go for the snooker and darts. It is worth a try!

A Place to Play Darts and Snooker

Located near Instituto Superior Técnico, right in front of the Arco do Cego Fitness Hut gym, is a cozy and spacious bar, with a terrace, that is usually full of students and young people. If you want to see a football game, you can head to this bar. It has large screen TVs all over it, even one in the terrace! I have seen many games here, and I assure you the quality of viewing one. They even try to synchronize all TVs so that there is none that is ahead of the others. However, I can say that they have failed many times to do so. In the end you can handle it.

I usually go here to play darts and snooker. A dart game costs 0,50€ per player, while a snooker one is around 6€ per hour. The tables are very good for playing, although the cue sticks are a bit worn out. The dart machines are impecable, and have lots of fun games. There is also a pinball machine for pinball lovers.

A Place to Play Darts and Snooker

People also come here to study and do some work, as it is a very calm bar that provides a suitable environment.

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