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Beautiful Architecture in Montpellier

Published by Lauren Armstrong

What to see

Place de la Comédie - this is a beautiful area, it has a huge sculpture of three goddesses. I love this place, it is amazing to walk around or grab a coffee. This is a fun area to see because there are always people here walking around or street artists displaying their art. There are many caffes in this area as well where you can sit on the terrace and enjoy the view of people watch (my favorite). This area is also central to many other things like the medieval section of Montpellier or shopping at the best boutiques.

Musée Fabre- this is an amazing museum to see. There are many paintings, sculptures, etc, all types of art here.

Porte de Peyrou Montpellier Cathedral- so beautiful this is a must see! It looks like an Arc de Triomphe but with beautiful golden colors. This area is also beautiful as well with fancy restaurants and shops it is a must see.

Jardin des plantes de Montpellier- I love these gardens, they are so beautiful and nice to take a stroll in. There are a lot of flowers and plants and it is beautiful to have lunch here! The gardens are not usually busy so it gives you a chance to relax and feel like you are out of the city. I love the buildings and bridges inside the garden they are so beautiful. If you are a photographer this is a great place to take some amazing pictures.

Château de Flaugergues- Beautiful! I love this "château", the architecture is amazing and you feel like you are back in time. The house and its décor are also amazing and it is fun to learn the history. Everything in this chateau is amazing and beautiful you must see it! They also have a vineyard as well and you can take a wine tasting tour.

Château de la Mogere -this is a mansion and it is beautiful as well. One of the greatest things in Montpellier is their architecture and the houses and gardens. Everything in this city is beautiful and you should pay atenntion on a lot of detail to the architecture. This mansion also has a beautiful garden.

Antigone- is a neighborhood of Montpellier and is known for its incredible architecture!

Basilique Notre Dame Des Tables- this church is incredible, the inside is the most esteemed. The interior of the church is amazing filled with gold it is spectacular. One of the most beautiful churches I have ever seen!

Where to eat

Sushi masters- the food was amazing, I had a bowl with all the food inside, hot it was soo good!

L’atelier du chocolat Bayonne- amazing place with all homemade chocolate! You can take a tour of chocolate and learn all about it. This chocolate was amazing!

Des Rêves & Du Pain-located in a small alley it is amazing! I had the best coffee and bread here! There is many things to chose from and they all looked good.

Godiva chocolatier- this place is the best, chocolate and amazing ice cream!

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