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Nights in best atmosphere

Published by Matea P

Le Rebuffy Pub is locateded near L'arc de Triomph and between young international students this is one of the most known bars.

There you can always find someone you already know or you can easily meet someone that will be happy to chat with you, play some table games as they have them plenty or just share a table cause normally every table after 8h o'clock in the evening is already taken.

The prices are reasonable. 2-3€ for a coffee, 2. 50-4€ for a very good house wine (red, white, rose) and a lots of different beers as well as typical "Monaco" some of them just for 2, 5€. They also have a custom to give a small snack like chips, flips or pretzels on each table at 7pm.

The waiters are very relaxed and very friendly. They make you feel like at home. You can write in the book of the memories and believe me… once you go to Rebuffy you will go back again. Say hello to the pink elephant for me.

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