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Bagel Corner

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Bagel Corner

Translated by flag-it Nadia Abukar — 3 years ago

Original text by flag-it Saharr El khabathani

Bagel Corner

Bagel Corner

You don't know what to eat in Place de la Comédie? I would propose you to eat some Bagel at Bagel Corner. I've been there twice sine I am in Montpellier. It is opposite Place de la Comédie. It's a delicious meal and they provide good service.

It's quite expensive, but it's worth it! Here you can find what you want. There are different types of bagels, for a price of € 8.90. The price includes a bagel + drink + dessert. Even their desserts are very nice.

In addition, customers can choose and personalise their bagel as it is freshly prepared in front of them. Bagels are tasty and they make you very full!

Bagel Corner

Therefore, I would recommend it and I will go back there with pleasure shorty!

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