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If you're looking for a mall in Mtp

Published by flag-co Francisco Jose Lopez Velez — 6 years ago

So if you're looking for a place to buy soemthing or to go to the movies, or maybe you just want to do ice skating... Oddysseum is the perfect place. You'll find some fancy stores here, also you'd be able to do some grossering at Geant Casino; you could also go to IKEA or maybe if you want to buy some new jogging clothes there's also a Decathlon  there.

However, what's great about Oddysseum is that there are a lot of entertainment stuff to do. You'll find a terrific aquarium there, there's also a Patinoire, there's a great Cinema complex there. Furthermore, if you like Laser Tag, there's a great place over there. Plus, there is a Planetarium where you'd be able to see some fascinating movies about our cosmos. But if you're more into eating, there are more than 10 different restaurants that will offer you almost any type of food you'll want. Also, the only Sturbucks of the city is at Oddysseum.



So... anyways, if you are bored, or if you want to do some shopping, or if you wan to eat at a nice themed restaurant, then you should probalby take the tram Ligne 1 and go to the last station "Oddysseum".



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