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  • Atelier 14

    Hello from sunny France, where my brother, his girlfriend, and I arrived this morning! We’ve just got to my stepmother’s parents’ holiday home (which is located a short distance from the small town of Pézenas), but before coming here, we had a little explore of...

    0 by Madeline, in Where to eat Montpellier, one month ago
  • Oddysseum

    So if you're looking for a place to buy soemthing or to go to the movies, or maybe you just want to do ice skating... Oddysseum is the perfect place. You'll find some fancy stores here, also you'd be able to do some grossering at Geant Casino; you could also go to IKEA...

    0 by Francisco Jose, in What to do Montpellier, 2 years ago
  • Place de la Comédie

    So I was thiking of a place that you definitely should go if you are in Montpellier...and I realized that there's one place in the city where you can always see people walking (no matter if it's 2am), there's a place where you can find different restaurants and...

    0 by Francisco Jose, in What to do Montpellier, 2 years ago
  • Umiyaki

    Umiyaki is a small Japanese restaurant, close to the Sant-Roch church and the famous Place de la Comédie (tram lines 1 and 2). When I say little, it's very little. There is a table against the wall at the right of the entrance, which is much longer than it is wide as...

    0 by Beth, in Where to eat Montpellier, 2 years ago
  • The Small Pancake House

    Close to the Comedie Square.

    0 by Cem, in Where to eat Montpellier, 2 years ago
  • Montpellier

    What to see Place de la Comédie - this is a beautiful area, it has a huge sculpture of three goddesses. I love this place, it is amazing to walk around or grab a coffee. This is a fun area to see because there are always people here walking around or street artists...

    0 by Lauren, in What to see Montpellier, 3 years ago
  • Le Beehive

    If you're feeling a little homesick abroad, the best place to go as an Anglophone is Le Beehive. This little pub restaurant located near the Eglise St Roch is a great place to unwind, meet new people and enjoy some great food. The cuisine is typically English with Fish...

    0 by Nupur, in Cafe, cocktail, beer Montpellier, 4 years ago
  • Rebuffy Pub

    Le Rebuffy Pub is locateded near L'arc de Triomph and between young international students this is one of the most known bars. There you can always find someone you already know or you can easily meet someone that will be happy to chat with you, play some table games...

    0 by Matea, in Cafe, cocktail, beer Montpellier, 4 years ago

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