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House of Beer

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Hummmm... beer!!

Published by flag- L Sharp — 3 years ago

As you probably guessed already, House of Beer is not a place where you will have smoothie or cocktails... Naah! Just beer! So if you don't like beer, stop reading NOW!;)


In House of Beer you can go there 200 times and everytime enjoy a different beer! Here you will be able to discover some Polish beers not as popular as the famous "Tyskie" or "Zywiec" (two national beers basically). You will have many good quality European beers (German, Czech, Belgian... ) and extra European which I am usually not fond of so I can't really talk about these. The atmosphere is very nice inside, most probably you will find more foreigners than Polish inside so no worries, staff are used to take your orders in English.


I went several times to this place, just to enjoy a nice draught belgian beer or to "celebrate" a work colleague last day, a birthday or any other occasion! Of course because it cannot be perfect, you should know that this place is 25 to 30% more expensive than a regular pub in Krakow but at least you don't have to drink the same beer the whole evening!


During winter to warm you up I strongly recommend a "grzane piwo", which is a hot beer. It was surprising for me first time I drank one as I am used to hot wine, very popular during Christmas time but hot beer was something new. There are different recipes also but basically they add all kind of spices (such as ginger), sometimes honey... and the result when it is well prepared is very nice! I would even say that if you don't like beer so much you can try a "grzane piwo" as the taste is sweeter.


The place is quite big but often packed. You can book in advance and I advise you to reserve a table downstairs as it has the best atmosphere and the best music. You can relax in a nice sofa and just enjoy the present time!


Once again perfect localisation too as you are inside the "Stare Miasto" (old city). Be reasonable though, the beer you will get there is stronger than "typical polish beers" and you will need only one or two, in order to get more than tipsy;) Nazdrowie!


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