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Wieliczka Salt Mine

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UNESCO recognised Salt Mine

Published by flag- L Sharp — 8 years ago

The place is recognized by UNESCO as World Cultural and Natural Heritage and you understand why while visiting the Mine. Some of the rooms are just breath taking like the Cathedral with salt sculptures and chandeliers. When you realise “”simple”” men working in the mine did what they did, this is just  impressive. There are kilometers and kilometers of galleries dug since the Middle Ages. You should go on their website and book or see what time there is a guided tour in the language you want. You are advised visit is 3 hours which is more 2 hour tour and 1 hour where you can just hang in the final room (where they organize bungee jumping events from time to time!), buy salty souvenirs in the shop or to the restaurant. Impressive amount of churches and chapels in the mine don’t want to give wrong information but if I remember well this is over 20. There is actually a mass celebrated every morning, 400 meters below ground! J You have to pay 10PLN if you want to take some pictures but I must admit (shamefully) that I did not pay the fee every time I went there and no one bothered me because I wa taking some pictures. I believe entrance fee is already high (around 75PLN if you are foreigner compared to 50 if you are Polish). For sure student/Erasmus discounts also, just check the website you’ll have all updated informations. Every time I have friends visiting  I am going there and I must say that I enjoyed it every time, guides are funny and interesting. Just a thought I am having but I would not recommend this place to claustrophobic people as you are going down at the very beginning through a couple of hundreds stairs in a very narrow stairway. To come back to the light you are using an old elevator which has nothing of comforting ;) Overall a nice and enlightening experience. Also very easy accesses either by train or bus to Wieliczka. Last tip : don’t lick the walls, this is disgusting and everyone is doing it so you will end up licking the germs of thousands of people before you !!! J

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