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Club to party hard in the center!

Published by flag- L Sharp — 9 years ago

Cien, is translated by "shadow"  and that makes sense when you enter this compact club located on a basement and that you cannot see because of the smoke! Cien is a nice place to party if you are into dancing until the end of the night! :)

You will find lots of foreigners there as this is in the end of a street next to the main square and entrance is cheap.

If you decide to head to this place around midnight, expect to queue for a while and as the place is often crowded bouncers filter the entrance so that the club does not get overcrowded.

Apart from this when you manage to enter you will probably spend a good evening, music is what you will find in any dance and pop club, staff is friendly. Lots of taxis waiting in front of the club after closure, not the chea

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