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Lost Soul Alley

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Haunting House Soooo scary!

Published by L Sharp

A friend of mine recommended me the place and at first I was not at all enthusiast especially when I had a look at their website and saw what seemed to me: “OK just another haunting house for kids”. I was so wrong! I am very glad I did it, because excuse my language but I literally pi…. myself! Nothing to do with the haunting house you can find in any amusement park. It’s located on one of the most popular street in Krakow - Florianska but you have to know the place as first thing you see when you are in front of the building is a… strip club. True story!


But if you go in the courtyard you have an entrance on your left in a gloomy and very old building. You start wondering if the stairs are not going to collapse! Reservations (by phone or their Facebook page) is recommended as like everything which is good, it is becoming very popular. You knock on the door and someone opens the door (sometimes they have brilliant lenses which make them already a bit scary) and gives you a brief description of what you can expect.

One thing important is that you cannot do the tour alone, you have to be a minimum of two up to six if I'm correct. Then I will stay a bit vague as I don’t want to spoil your experience but you simply have a lamp torch and you enter the different rooms and basically try to find your way out, preferably with avoiding getting killed! It lasts around twenty minutes, it is actually up to you, how brave you go forward! I was not expecting something like that this is really scary/funny!

Other important fact is that if you feel really bad, too scared you can just shout that you are giving up and they will escort you to the way out (without refund though). So yeah to sum up: no cardiac problems, no pregnant women and you are good to go. I think you will have some quality time, this is really fun to do in a group of four or five. I heard recently that they changed quite a lot of things with the décor, the scenario… so I will for sure go shortly and have another scary twenty minutes! Price is ok and totally worth it (around fifteen PLN last time). Great Sunday afternoon activity if you ask me. I’d like to tell you “have fun” but I will go for “have fear”!

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