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Green belt around Krakow!

Published by L Sharp

Planty is the U shape green park around Krakow. The place where you have cool pubs, nice fountains and even lakes. Whether you want to go cycling, jogging, skating, roller blading, walking, relax on a bench with a good book or simply get away and listen to the birds in the center of Krakow this is the place to be. Nothing extraordinary about the place I agree but it is very enjoyable to have a wide green area surrounding your city!                                                                                                  

Erasmus be aware it is forbidden to drink in public spaces so as tempting it is do not risk having a beer in the grass when the sun is shining, Planty is full of security and even police in civilians!  For the history Planty used to be the place of Krakow’s fortifications, now it is this great place full of trees, vegetations and colourful flowers.                                                                                                        

Can be a bit scary during the night as some parts of the park are not well lit and you might encounter weird people there. I think this is a nice place to go for a walk after a nice’ dinner, this is a good way to digest J

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