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Krakow Arena

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Big Place for concerts, sport events...

Published by flag- L Sharp — 6 years ago

Finally! After two years living in Krakow I thought it was very frustrtaing that a city the size of Krakow did not have a proper Arena especially for concerts. Every time there was a major concert in Poland the closest was in katowice (one hour bus from Krakow) or in warsaw (much further : more than three hours by train) or eventually in Lodz or Poznan, which is about the smae distance or even further.


Now since a few weeks (now is the end of October 2014), Krakow has its own arena, of around 15 000 places available. I went there actually quite recently during the Volley ball World Cup that occurred in Poland (Poland by the way are the World Champions! Not surprising as this is the sport Number one in the country and is very popular amongst everyone). Krakow Arena was just hosting a couple of games, the rest was in Katowice, Lodz and even the first game in Warsaw national Stadium (Stadium Narodowy) where Poland played a volley ball game in front of more than 60 000 fans! World Record beaten! Anyway the game in krakow Arena was just insane, people were singing during 90 minutes non stop, especially the 'Poland White and Red" tune! Amazing experience.


The Arena itself even as a non specialist is a very successful piece of architecture. It is obviously brand new and 15 000 people in this place, well, that makes a lot of noise! I don't know if it is due to the recent opening and that they want to promote the place the best way as possible, but also very famous groups/singers will or have already performed in Krakow Arena such as Robbie Williams, Elton John or Slash...


This will also be the place for all kind of shows, exhibitions and congresses. I am very happy Krakow finally invested in such a place, Krakow lacked major cultural events and now, no need to driver three hours to see the concert you want in a different city than the one you live in!



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