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National Museum

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National Museum, a must see if you are into all kind of arts

Published by flag- L Sharp — 6 years ago

A bit of culture! Muzeum Narodowe w Krakowie (national museum of Krakow) is located close to the center in the area of universities and the great and enormous park Blonia. I went twice to the museum, the first time to see the art collection coming from all around the world. Artistically speaking Krakow museum is considere to be one of the most important museum in the world!


I find it hard to describe a museum, the main reason being I do not have the artistic knowledge to share what I experienced but what I can say is the museum is really well organised and the different collections (paintings, sculptures, Antiques coins, books and so on) have both interesting polish and english descriptions and this is definitely worth seeing.


The second time I went there was for a temporary exhibition on Stanley Kubrick, the movie maker, and as a "fan" of his films I could not miss this opportunity. The exhibition ended in September 2014 so unfortunately you will not be able to see it but that was both entertaining and interesting if you were into classic movies such as 2001 : A Space Odissey, Full metal jacke, A Clockwork orange and many others.


The National Museum is a huge concrete- beige colour building and would take days if not weeks to visit thoroughly. perfect place for a cultural Sunday! :)


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