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Jazz Rock Café

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A place for heavy metal \m/

Published by L Sharp

Don't expect to hear some jazz in jazz Rock café. Rock? more like it! Heavy rock? oooh yeah! One of the rare place n Krakow where you can headbang on the dance floor listening to Korn, Led Zep, Iron Maiden, Rammstein, Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and many others!                                                                                       

The place is really nice but only go if you like thi kind of music or else you will spend a teriible evening! ;) I always had to pay by the entrance sometimes twenty zlotys (5Euros), sometimes only ten, depending on the bouncers mood!                         

I am writing this review by the end of October 2014 and the place just reopened a few weeks ago after some renovation work during the summer. I will  for sure update thois comment when I get the chance to go back as I personnally love the place and the music.                                                                                                                   

Bar is large and I noticed sometimes barman will tend to take your orders first if you are a girl ;) There is an extra room on the right when you enter with another bar where the music is not so loud and definitely less crowded. Don't expect to get in after 4 AM, bouncers at the entrance will never let you inside.                                       

definitely one of my favourite place to party and dance, highly recommanded!

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