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Cyrano de Bergerac

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French Posh Restaurant

Published by flag- L Sharp — 9 years ago

Another French Restaurant I tested in Krakow. This one doesn’t really fit the Erasmus spirit I would say! A bit posh, don’t count going there without reservations. I am not also a big fan when waitresses let you taste the wine and you have to say “yeah yeah it’s fine” even if you have no idea if the wine is good or not or when they bring your food and it looks spectacular but after three spoonfulls you ate already the whole stuff ( but for sure one of the best duck I ever had) J Also the most expensive place I have been in Krakow. But you have to admit it is quite an experience even if I feel a bit uncomfortable in these places (we were probably the only people below 30 when I was there and the place was fully packed!) Let’s say that if you win Erasmusu competition you will be able to afford this place!!

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