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Bunkier Sztuki Yearly Press Photo Exhibition

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World Press Photo Exhibition: interesting, shocking, beautiful...

Published by flag- L Sharp — 6 years ago

Every year in November you will have the World Press Photo Exhibition in Bunkier Sztuki (the Contemporary Art Museum), next to Planty on Plac Szczepanski. This year (2014) is the fourteenth edition and since I arrived in Krakow in 2012 I never missed the opportunity to go to this event.

Entrace is 12 zlotys and only 6 zlotys if you are a student (less than 1, 50 Euro) so no excuses regarding the price which would be too high!; )

After you climb these stairs below you will realise the exhibition is actually very small, only on one floor and two rooms but with quite a lot amount of photographs and long descriptions both in Polish and English.

The themes are very diverse, they will depict major events that occurred in the world in the past year, mostly wars and conflicts, natural catastrophies but also nature, sport pictures, wild life and animals...

To give you an example, the picture below was one of my favourite, it shows immigrants in Djibouti trying to get some signal on a beach. If you read this article before the end of November 2014 I strongly recommand you to go and see with your own eyes as the impression here is obviously not the same!

Some pictures will really make a strong impression on you as they sometimes show human misery, sufferings or even death in a very brutal way... As difficult it is sometimes to watch those pictures I believe this is a very interesting and emotional exhibition. It is a king of flash back of everything you followed in the news for the past year reunited in two rooms with the best pictures of the best photographers in the world.

I will definitely be back in November 2015 if I am still in Krakow (which I believe I will be ;)

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