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Krakow's Eye

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A Balloon to get a 360° view of Krakow

Published by L Sharp

Typical tourist attraction next to Wisla river and I guess it is ok to do it at least once. I went into this balloon a few weeks after I first arrived in Krakow and with a perfect weather I enjoyed a magnificent view over all Krakow and its surroundings. I don't have pictures to share with you unfortunately as I was the only one in the balloon out of a group of about fifteen people who did not bring his camera.



Prices are cheaper during the week, around 35 zlotych, during week-ends price raises to 45 zlotych per adult. There are also student discounts, I think it is about half the price of a regular ticket. The balloon will rise only if the weather is nice so check the weather forecast before planning to go there. I don't think you need to book (I don't even know if it's possible) because anyway even if there are a lot of ppeople queuing, the balloon can "welcome" around 30 people inside so you will not have to wait too long.


The balloon reaches almost 200 meters which is nice to just stare at the horizon and try to recognise the buildings. During the summer balloon attraction is opened from early morning until almost dark. I thought it was very quick (only around 15 minutes) and no real explanation around or interesting/fun facts. Kids seemed to love it though!


Nice experience but not worth the money from my opinion and definitely not something you will do a second time!

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