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The Wawel Royal Castle

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Wawel Castle

Published by flag- L Sharp — 8 years ago

Located on Wawel Hill this is no doubt my favourite view of Krakow when it is becoming dark. Seeing the Castle with its golden light seems like a fairy tale the first time you see it. Visiting it during the day is also worth it and the best way to do so is to go there in the morning as daily tickets are limited and you cannot book in advance. My favourite place ids the “State Apartments” and you have the possibility to use an audioguide or else you will miss plenty of historical useful and interesting facts. Tourists often visit Royal apartments which is full of paintings, sculptures and golden stuffs. A bit too much in one place if you ask me. Guided tours in English but not so often so come early if you want to be sure J
I have always seen people queuing whenever I was passing by Wawel as it takes some time to get your ticket( so many different options you can get and according to me poor information given on information signs).
You can also go without  ticket but you will obviously have access to a limited amount of places such as the cathedral, crypt and the gardens. Have a nice visit! J

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