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Plac Nowy

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Heart of Jewish District

Published by flag- L Sharp — 3 years ago

Plac Nowy is probably the most exciting and vibrant place in Krakow. It is located in the favourite (amongst local people) district of Krakow: Kazimierz, the old Jewish District. It is said by many than Krakow has the highest concentration of pubs, bars, cafés and restaurants in comparison with the size of the city. And plac Nowy perfectly illustartes this popular saying! There are hundreds of places to hang in a 500 meter radius, and as a very touristic place you will very often have high prices, especially in restaurants.


Plac Nowy main "attraction" is in the very center of this small square. Let's say this is the West European kebab, the Italian panini or the French baguette. In Polish this is known as "zapiekanka", basically half a grilled baguette with fillings of your choice, such as mushroooms, tomatoe sauce, ham... This is something absolutely typical that you "cannot NOT try";) This is especially great in the middle of the night (especially if you had a bit too much beer! ) to fill you up and sober up;)


Plac Nowy is really small compared to the main square in the city center but the activity is similar, this place just never sleeps and there is always some music or animations. I would say Plac Nowy is after Rynek (main square) and the Royal castle of Wawel is the third main attraction you should not miss under any circumstances!





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