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Restauracja Corsica

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Corsican Restaurant

Published by L Sharp

Restauracja Korsyka :

Ok I am an amateur of good food and my challenge is to test all restaurant of Krakow ! Quite challenging as there are over 1500 in the whole city !! ;)


This one is the only Corsican restaurant in Krakow and I wouldn’t be surprised if it is the only one in Poland. It is also on the top 5 of recommended restaurants in Krakow on a reference website I am not going to name ;) Totally worth it, excellent food with fresh products, I lived in Corsica so I felt a bit nostalgic going there.


I recommand the fondue (meat fondue, not with cheese) which is very convivial and allows you to be active while eating. You basically put the meat on your fork, put it in boiling oil and take it when the meat is at your convenience. Local wine is also worth it.

As you can see atmosphere is dedicated to Corsica (Napoleon was born is Corsica in case you didn't know ;) and as an island you have a lot of decorations and ornaments related to the sea.                                             

Atmosphere is really nice and you feel on the “Beauty Island” Service was ok but nothing special. Downside is that it is much more expensive than a regular restaurant in Krakow but you have to treat yourself from time to time!                                            

To conclude with this nice evening I again recommand you the tarte tatin, sooo good! You have either individual portions or for 2 or for 4 people. Fun fact about Tarte tatin is that it was actually invented by mistake : 2 sisters called Tatin were working in a kitchen, one was a bit "dreamy" and one day forgot to put the pastry on a simple apple pie. When she realised her mistake she simply put the pastry on top in the oven and the Tarte tatin was born :) You're welcome, this is a cool story to show off in front of your friends ;)   


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