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Wild Parties in Kazimierz

Published by L Sharp — 6 years ago

Singer (not the person who sings but the brand of sewing machine!) is located in the Jewish district of Kazimierz just next to Plac Nowy. You can sit on some tables which are old Singer sewing machines (your grandmother most probably had one like this, right?!) which gave the name to this great but tiny place.                                            

Singer is a very cosy place with excellent atmosphere and nice music from all around the world. prices are very good and when the place gets full and moods a bit crazier, people start dancing on the large wooden table at the back of the entrance of the main room and there are not so many places in Krakow where the owners allow this, so it is very nice if you like this kind of atmosphere.                                                              

The place is very popular and you will find people from different origins inside. perfect place to start or to end an evening. A lot of laughing guaranteed! :)

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