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Newly opened Restaurant : already a must try!

Published by flag- L Sharp — 9 years ago

Destino Restaurant opened this year (2014), some time in march or April if I recall. Location is just ideal on Sw Jana which is a street that gives directly on the magnificent Rynek (Main Square).                                                               

I put their website for your reference as they have better pictures than mine ;) the first impression when you get in is : WHITE! From the tables, chairs, furnitures, lamps and walls, everything is white! This creates a stylish atmosphere but not posh at all, decoration remains very plain and simple, but with a lot of taste.                         

Don't even consider coming without a booking, at least if you plan to go during the week end, this is a highly popular place now in Krakow and being there last week only, memories are still fresh in my mind and I totally get why it has so much success!

First, food is just excellent, really nicely decorated (no idea if the chef is someone famous or not but for sure he is gifted) !                                                                      

Second, service is outstanding : waiter that took care of us was smiling the whole evening and very friendly (he well deserved his big tip ;)                                             

Third point as already mentioned is the atmosphere : very cosy, romantic with your candle on the table. only bad thing I could say if I really want to find something is that the lamps above ou heads were a bit low and therefore too close from our heads. But really this is nothing, forget it! :)                                                                                 

I went there on a romantic evening with my girlfriend and this could not have been better, I was proud of myself I picked this place amongst the thousands of restaurants in Krakow after the dinner!! :)                                                                                    

I am not quite sure if they do this for all customers or just for us (as we had a starter-main course -dessers - drinks and bottle of wine) but we had a digestive offered at the end by the owner.                                                                                       

Above a nice hot wine ("grzane wino" if you intend to learn Polish!), that makes you warm to start when it is 0°C outside!

Total cost for the evening, I won't annoy you with zlotys but will give you directly in Euros : 50€. A little bit over Krakow's price standards but if you consider all what I stated in the previous paragraph and the excellent quality of EVERYTHING, this was totally worth the money, and be sure I will be back there in 2015 :)

This is very recent and I change often my mind but this could just be my new favourite place for dinner in Krakow! :) Hope you will like it too.

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