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Piekny Pies

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Place where you never know what to expect : good or bad..

Published by L Sharp

Piekny Pies litterally means "Beautiful Dog" in Polish but I have absolutely no idea why this name was picked! :) No stuffed dog in the entrance, no barking music..

Piekny Pies is located inside one of the most vibrant district for night life : Kazimierz (the Jewish Quarter) and next to the most crowded place in the evening "Plac Nowy" (The new place).


I would advise if you really want to visit that place to go there during week ends where you will find a decent atmosphere, relatively good music and you might spend there an acceptable evening. On the other hand if you go during the week, you will find a totally deserted place with bored barman, music that makes you feel like getting out as soon as possible.


My point of view is that there is a lot of potential with this place that could be one of the most successful place to spend a night out but DJ's are often on a very low level and staff should really work on their Customers First attitude..


I have been disppointed with this place so I don't get there so often anymore and it seems I'm not the only one as I hear rarely something positive anymore about the place from my friends who spent an evening in Piekny Pies. But of course you won't know what to expect unless you try it by yourself! ;)

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