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  • Społem Deluxe

    Społem Deluxe is an extension to your favourite place on 4 St. Thomas street :) In Deluxe you will have the same cosmic quality of fun thanks to our great music, though we will also pleasantly surprise you with our: lightning, decor and comfort. In Deluxe, smoking is...

    0 , 4 years ago
  • buszek

    Krakow / Poland I found this place a few mounths ago , nice and so frandly place which was made by ukraine piople but owner he is from krakow. If you looking for nice shisha wich is so hard to find in krakow , i mean nice quality of shisha , but you know what - i found...

    0 , 6 years ago
  • Alchemia

    I read a while ago in a touristic guide when I was new in Krakow that Alchemia was the most visited pub in Krakow. I am unsure if that's still the case but it is definitely a great place to hang for a before party for example. Source Last time I was there I met...

    0 , 9 years ago
  • Bunkier Cafe

    Bunkier Sztuki or just "Bunkier" if you're a regular ;) This pub is a great place during the summer and a satisfactory place during the winter. Location is great : just next to Planty, this big park in U shape surrounding Krakow and seconds walking distance from Plac...

    0 , 9 years ago
  • House of Beer

    As you probably guessed already, House of Beer is not a place where you will have smoothie or cocktails... Naah! Just beer! So if you don't like beer, stop reading NOW!;) Source In House of Beer you can go there 200 times and everytime enjoy a different beer! Here you...

    0 , 9 years ago
  • Propaganda

    You feel you are back before the Berlins' wall fall, this place is basically a temple of Communism! Not my favourite place in Krakow but this is something worth seeing at least once: the very gloomy lights (probably so that you actually don't see what you're drinking!...

    0 , 9 years ago
  • Hard Rock Café

    If you like to collect Hard Rock Café T-shirts from all around the world you can visit Hard Rock café! It is impossible to miss it as it is located on Rynek (Main Square) and is highly visible! Huge shop with hard Rock Café products and clothing inside also.      ...

    0 , 9 years ago
  • Game Pub

    Definitely not one of my favourite place in Krakow, but I discovered this completely randomly when making a tour of the pubs with a friend recently. Source The concept is quite simple really: drink very cheap beer and play video games! You have a couple of different...

    0 , 9 years ago
  • Jazz Rock Café

    Don't expect to hear some jazz in jazz Rock café. Rock? more like it! Heavy rock? oooh yeah! One of the rare place n Krakow where you can headbang on the dance floor listening to Korn, Led Zep, Iron Maiden, Rammstein, Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and many others!    ...

    0 , 9 years ago
  • Piekny Pies

    Piekny Pies litterally means "Beautiful Dog" in Polish but I have absolutely no idea why this name was picked! :) No stuffed dog in the entrance, no barking music.. Piekny Pies is located inside one of the most vibrant district for night life : Kazimierz (the Jewish...

    0 , 9 years ago
  • English Football Club

    Reviewing all sport bars I've been in Krakow here is a new one, English Football Club is not only for football games but for all kind of sports. You probably won't get any signal with your phone once inside as it is an underground pub.                      ...

    0 , 9 years ago
  • Bull Pub

    Bull Pub is the stereotype of an English Pub I belive. You will find there loud British people on the terrace looking at English sports, cheap beer and usual food served in pubs.                                                            ...

    0 , 9 years ago
  • The Irish Embassy Pub

    You cannot miss the Irish Pub with its Guinness flag and green colours located on Stolarska which is the street of US Embassy or the French consulate for example. This is another place you should give a try in Krakow for a sport event. There are two floors and in case...

    0 , 9 years ago
  • Chicks and Champs

    Chicks and Champs is a newly opened place near Cracovia Stadium. Inside you actually have a direct view behind large window glass on the stadium of one of the local football team of Krakow. Source Source Waitresses in Chicks and Champs are dressed up as Pom Pom girls,...

    0 , 9 years ago
  • Spolem

    Spolem is a place I like to party regularly. It is perfectly locaated near the Szczepański square, loads of nice restaurants and other pubs near by. Spolem is an underground place, with a nice decor ( old communist uniforms, gas masks...) and friendly staff. If you...

    0 , 9 years ago

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