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Hard Rock Café

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Classic Hard Rock Café on Main Square

Published by L Sharp

If you like to collect Hard Rock Café T-shirts from all around the world you can visit Hard Rock café! It is impossible to miss it as it is located on Rynek (Main Square) and is highly visible! Huge shop with hard Rock Café products and clothing inside also.               

Two years ago when I arrived in Krakow I fekt I had to visit hard Rock Café to see how it looks. The famous branded place is very nice, on two floors and is what you would expect from any hard Rock café : rock T-shirts, cool guitars on the walls (I noticed the original guitar that was donated by Kirk Hammett the guitarist from Metallica) and heavy music.                                                                                           

Mostly tourists visit the place but after 8Pm you should have reservation or else you will have to enjoy your drink standing at the bar. Prices are multiplied by two compared to "regular" Krakow places so despite the cool atmosphere this is a place you can forget about if you are on a low budget.                                                                            



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