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Main Square (Rynek)

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Beautiful Main Square

Published by flag- L Sharp — 6 years ago

Krakow’s Main Square (Rynek in Polish is not only the biggest square in Europe, it is considered by many as the most beautiful). This is probably one of the many reasons why I now live in Krakow : its magnificent main square. You cannot just get tired of it! Of course it is also the most touristic place in the city so always crowded and the pubs and restaurants surrounding it adjust their prices for toursists.


But hanging there on the flower’s market, on the closed market, near the statue of the famous Polish dramatist and poet Adam Mickiewicz is just a great feeling. You are surrounded by so much history, mansions and beautiful architectural palaces.


An original way to visit the surroundings is to go by horse carriage (you cannot miss them, there are half a dozen waiting around the main square all the time). It costs approximately 100 zlotych to enjoy the ride. You willl really see the typical Poland there with its musicians, its folklore…


Of course the main point of interest and one of the most famous tradition is the tune of trumpet played from the top the Saint Mary basilica which is played every hour (and even broadcasted on national radio (Jedynka) at lunch time J According to the legend the tune is played in the honor of the “trumpet guy” who got is heart pierced by an arrow while he was playing the trumpet to warn the city of an Tatarian invasion. This is why you will notice that nowadays when they play it they stop abruptly (the moment when the arrow killed the trumpet player).


My advice is to get lost in the city, you will anyway find your way back to the main square every time. That way you will also discover typical places not so known of the usual touristic path. Krakow’s main square is the very center of the city an you will notice that the heart of the city is pretty small (in comparison Krakow and its suburbs is quite big).


Whether you go at 3Pm or 3AM you will always find some music and animation on this place. Hope you will enjoy it as much as I do! J


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