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Game Pub

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Place with beer and video games... original I guess!

Published by flag- L Sharp — 4 years ago

Definitely not one of my favourite place in Krakow, but I discovered this completely randomly when making a tour of the pubs with a friend recently.


The concept is quite simple really: drink very cheap beer and play video games! You have a couple of different rooms where you can play different video games or board games with other fellow companions. I found it very "geeky" place and even though the beer is ridiculously cheap (five zlotys which is just above 1 Euro), I will probably not get back there as it is simply not my style. But you need everything for all different tastes right?! I admit I had some fun playing Guitar Hero for 20 minutes before we got bored and left the place.


Place is easy to find on Stolarska, just follow the "Mario" and pixels signs! I recommend if you are a fan of video games or want to try something unusual for a pub. At least you won't ruin yourself with the cost of the beer. Also worth to notice all games are on free and unlimited access.


Game over!


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