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Bunkier Cafe

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The most chillaxed venue in Krakow

Published by flag- Yiota Liopetriti — 9 years ago

Relaxing, beautiful, good food, good coffee! One of the best local venues in Krakow, highly recommended! It is also cheap, so whether you are going there for a drink or a snack, it will not cost you more than 6-7 euros (20-25 polish zloty). I highly recommend that you try the hot chocolate and any of their cakes.   Also, The Gallery of Contemporary Art is situated right there and it's a great place if you would like to see the latest exhibition or visit the bookstore housing in the gallery.

And do not forget to tip!

Art café

Published by flag- L Sharp — 9 years ago

Bunkier Sztuki or just "Bunkier" if you're a regular ;) This pub is a great place during the summer and a satisfactory place during the winter. Location is great : just next to Planty, this big park in U shape surrounding Krakow and seconds walking distance from Plac Szczepanski.                                                                                 

The bar is next to the Contemporary Art Museum, I am not sure if this actually belongs to the museum or if it is independant.. By the way speaking of this Museum I warmly recommand the World press Photo Exhibition, that happens every year during the summer in this place. This is a breath taking exhibition, very hard to watch sometimes but so interesting. back to the pub, this is really a nice place when the sun is shining as you have a view over the park, you can hear birds singing and this is really relaxing. The pub offers regular drinks but has also home made tasty sweet pastries if you're feeling hungry ;)                                                                        

One tip from my part, I was in another post mentioning "Grzane Piwo", this hot beer with spices, whatever you drink don't try a Grzane Piwo in Bunkier, this is just horrible microwaved beer with tons of sugar, honey and a ridiculous mix of ginger and clove. Disgusting! But this is pretty much the only bad experience I had there, so don't want to insist on that.                                                                                                 

The place is often full but service is fast and waiters/waitresses are friendly. Good place to hang around after work for a beer or a coffee.

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