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Botanical Garden

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Green area to escape the city

Published by flag- L Sharp — 6 years ago

Ok, this is nice for every city to have a botanical garden but Krakow's would really need to be improved. Nothing to say about the nice plants, flowers and trees but location is not ideal, near a main road and a bit outside the center (near Rondo Mogilskie). Also the Graden closes the whole winter and a part of autums so it is basically opened only 7 months a year.



I think it is a shame you cannot even walk in the garden when it is snowing.. And major negative point, entrance is not for free. Ok this is very cheap also but it just annoys me to visit what I believe should be an open place against some currecy (around 5 zlotych if I remeber correctly, so just above 1 Euro). This is the only botanical garden I ever visited which is not on free access, ok I did not visit all botanial gardens in the world but still, I think it's a real shame...



The greenhouse is nice though with a large variety of plants and interesting explanations (you get an indigestion of Latin names by the end of the visit! ). Once outside it was also hard to find a bench to tak a bit of sunlight / tanning!



But overall I've seen nicer botanical gardens for free..

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