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Przystanek Pierogarnia

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Enjoy Polish national dish : pierogi

Published by flag- L Sharp — 6 years ago

Ok not the easiest name to pronounce if you have no knowledge whatsoever of Polish but I strongly recommend the place! This is the best restaurant in Krakow to taste one of the most famous national dish : “Pierogi” (sort of dumplings).



No risk of frozen pierogi there, they are home made and just delicious. Whether you like salty ones with cabbage, mushroom, Russian ones with meat and spices, all kind of vegetables or even deer meat or sweet ones, such as strawberries, cherries, blackcurrant (all of them with whipped cream! Humm! ) you will find a kind that really suits you.



You cannot visit Krakow and more generally Poland without tasting pierogi and trust my 30 months or so living in the city, you won’t find a better place for those! Prices are very low for the quality you get and staff (good English speakers) is very helpful and recommands you what pierogi they think you will like the most Enjoy!



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