Społem Deluxe | Cafe, cocktail, beer in Krakow
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Społem Deluxe

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Społem Deluxe

Translated by Gabriela Wanat — one year ago

Original text by Spolem Deluxe

Społem Deluxe is an extension to your favourite place on 4 St. Thomas street :)

In Deluxe you will have the same cosmic quality of fun thanks to our great music, though we will also pleasantly surprise you with our: lightning, decor and comfort. In Deluxe, smoking is strictly prohibited/ the smoking room is located in a separate area/ and our DJ-Emcee rides in the old-school Nysa 522 - the exact same one which Citizens' Militia used during the Polish People's Republic time. You should always visit our place with your friends - they will be the ones to help you find the exit ;)

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