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Wawel's Dragon

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Dragon spitting fire in Krakow!

Published by flag- L Sharp — 9 years ago

Smok Wawelski (the Dragon of wawel) is a sculpture next to the Wisla river that you can see either if you are inside the Castle and therefore see it from above or if you are walking along Wisla river, in that case you will be standing just next to it.                       

Dragon is an important legendary animal or rather creature in Polish history and especially in Krakow's culture. Indeed the legend goes a dragon was living on the wawel's hill and terrorising local population. A noble man called Krakus would have defeated the dragon and created the city after his name : Krakow. Polish people are very fond of these legends and traditions, you can find hundreds of them in each historical site.                                                                                                                                      

This statue is a fun entertainment, especially for tourists fond also of these legends. Every ten minutes or so (maybe less actually I never counted ;) some fire goes out from the mouth of the dragon's statue which is the cause of applause and laughing from children. Definitely worth seeeing when you walk on this side of the river, just wait a couple of minutes to see this 5 seconds show! :) Anyway many toursists will probably be there standing waiting for the same thing so you cannot miss it!                            

Avoid getting burnt though!! :)                                                   

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