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Polish wedding

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A Polish wedding is something to experience one day in your life!

Published by L Sharp

Ok it seems strange, a Polish wedding? Yes, I believe that is something pretty unique, at least totally different from weddings where I come from!

If you live there for a long period it is very likely you will meet couples, get friends with them and therefore be invited in their wedding! Unless you marry yourself a nice Polish lady/man! :) Typical Polish weddings usually occur in the native birthplace of the bride and is traditionally divided between the church ceremony (approximately one hour) and what I like to call the after-church, which is an explosion of food and beverages, mostly the World Famous Polish Wodka!

Polish weeedings gather in average hundred people, of all generations and is followed by traditional music, dancing and games... and heavy drinking of vodka. The "Polish way" to drink wodka is to drink the vodka straight and only after juice or a soda to help you a little bit! Drink a lot of water in between and eat as much as you can or else you won't see midnight coming!

You might tell me "yes it doesn't seem that different than any other wedding". I find it hard to describe why this is something unique for me, maybe it is just experimenting a wedding with a totally different culture in a language that you don't understand or just the constant drinking and the magical effect of Wodka :) but one thing is almost certain, you will have a lot of fun!

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