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Kijow Kino

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Single Room cinema

Published by flag- L Sharp — 6 years ago

Kijow Cinema you will find next to Cracovia Stadium, National Museum and park Blonia. The specificity of this cinema is here is only one sigle room where are projected the movies. But this is one big room, where can be sitted several hundreds of people.

I like this cinema, it has a special atmosphere, far from the typical modern cinemas, you are able to feel the history in this place (even though, unfortunately I have absoulutely no knowledge about it!; )


Kijow is also a place where regularly are taking place concerts, musical, comedies. Last time I wnt there was for a symphonic orchestra.

Something I really like about Poland in general contray to the country I come from is that here movies are in original version with subtitles (in polish obviously) and are not dubbed in the local language, at least for movies you will see in cinemas, for TV it's a different story.

If you fancy a cinema this is definitely a nice place to enjoy a movie with tons of popcorns and sweets! :)





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