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Hala Targowa

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Flea market walking distance from the center

Published by flag- L Sharp — 3 years ago

Hala Targowa has an ideal location between Krakow's Main Square and Jewish District of Kazimierz. This is a flea market during weekends, the rest of the week you will not find antique books for example but just fresh fruits and vegetables.

This is also the place where I bought my very cheap bike (it is still working even after two years) and very cheap DVD's when I didn't have internet at the very beginning; )



If you have the possibility go there with a native speaker or at least someone who can understand and speak a little of Polish as you will be able to bargain prices and if they see a tourist you can be sure you won't get the best price; )

Atmosphere is really nice and I personnaly like very much the different smells you can come across in a flea market. If you search for a bike just like I used to I think it is an excellent place to start!



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