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The Delicious French Cuisine

Published by Manoj Pradeep

Hello friends, hope you all are doing well. Today I'm here to share with you all a perfect place to have some delicious French cuisine in Tbilisi. The story by which I discovered this restaurant is really funny and I would share it with you as well. It was another normal day in Tbilisi and I was listening to lectures in my university. The lecture got over early and there was a gap of two hours after which I had another class to attend. Me and my friend was sitting in a bench in the university garden. We were discussing what to do with the left over time. We really didn't want to go to the library at that time. It was around 12 in the noon and studying at this time will definitely make a person sleepy. Even if I manage to study without sleeping in the library I will definitely doze off when I attend my next class. My friend suggested that we would go back home and come again after two hours but I was not interested of traveling all the way back home and coming back again to university.

Finally we both made a decision to go to Pekini avenue and have a scoop of ice cream at Luca polarae. Then if we had time, we thought of having a little shopping there. Having a plan we crossed the street opposite to the university and walked to the parallel road which is called as Kazbegi avenue and reached the bus stand. We were waiting for a bus to Pekini street. After a couple of minutes the bus numbered 150 from State university h/b came to the bus stand. We boarded the bus as we knew it would take us to Pekini for sure. It was just a few minutes travel from our university to Pekini street where we got down at a bus stop opposite to Luca polarae. We crossed the road and went to the entrance of Luca Polarae and we were shocked! Our plan collapsed because Luca Polarae had a tag on the door which stated "Closed". We were really disappointed and we didn't know what to do now. We were actually hungry and we needed something to eat. My friend suggested of going to Texas or McDonalds which were at a walking distance from the place where we were standing. After a short discussion and an argument we both came to a conclusion to eat in a restaurant that we had never eaten before. We were walking down the lane of pekini street and right next to the stairs that takes you to the metro station we saw this restaurant called as "Entree". By looking at the board we were able to recognize it was a French cuisine and according to our decision we entered the restaurant to try something new. We had never been to the restaurant before.

After settling down we took the menu card that was kept on the table and having a look at all the dishes available in the restaurant. Actually it was our first visit to a French restaurant and we couldn't really understand some of the dishes in the menu card. There we met a cool woman who was working in the restaurant and she helped us to pick the kind of dish we wanted to taste. After this first time experience we came here every once in a while and during our travel to different parts of the city we saw the branches of this restaurant located in different areas. Entree can be seen in Pekini street which was the first one we visited and apart from that there are branches in Taktakishivili Street, Abashidze street, Chavchavadze avenue and Agmashenebeli Avenue. The food available in this restaurant has a classic taste and a wonderful aroma, especially the coffees. The restaurant is open everyday from morning 8'O clock to 10'O clock in the night.

So, here comes some of the important questions which everyone will want to know about a restaurant.

What are the items available in Entree?

Entree has a vast collection of breads, rolls & buns, pastries, sandwiches, confectioneries, ready cooked dishes, homemade ice creams, drinks and diary products. Under each such major product there are different varieties which I have explained below. In Entree you can get different types of breads such as Provencem Baguette of four types: Entree, traditional, cereals & parisienne, Couronne, Pain abricots, Pain pruneaux, Pain cereals, pain olives, batard. gache. Even though I haven't tried them all they smell so delicious. Baguette Entree is my favorite bread variety when it comes to Entree.

Among the rolls and buns there are different types such pie with apple, bun with raisin, bun with chocolate, roll with apricot, bun with chocolate or almond, bun with chocolate or raisin, croissant, pommes, mini croissant, mini bun with chocolate, mini bun with raisin, palmier and Danish ananas or pineapples. The first bun type that I tasted in Entree was pie with apple however I don't have a favorite one still because I haven't tried every type that is available.

Some classic French pastries are available in Entree and I couldn't remember all the French names but I'll tell you their names in English. Pastries such as Quiche lauraine [French Name], salmon quiche, leek quiche, Onion quiche, chicken pie, smoked cheesed pie, meat pie, and some Georgian traditional foods such as layered kachapuri, woven kachapuri, mushroom pie, potato pie, lobiani are available.

Sandwiches are really delicious in Entree and you must never miss it. Sandwiches with chicken, ham and cheese, salmon and mayonnaise, ham and egg, salmon with sour cream, pork are available in Entree. There are also some special French recipes like "Croque Monsieur", "Croque Madame", Bruchetta bleu, Meat Bruchetta, Ham Bruchetta, Chicken Bruchetta, Salmon Bruchetta, sandwich with vegetables and feta cheese, Sandwich with shrimps, Soft sandwich with brie are available at its best in Entree.

Confectioneries of Entree are colourful and delicious. You can get a lot of cakes with a unique taste here at Entree. Some of the available confectioneries are granny, veloute, citrus, mango, Aumoniere, Tiramisu, Chocolate Passion, Foret Noire, Acapulco, Guanaja, Meringue, Laurenzanne, Opera, Himalaya, Tarte Abricot, Tarte pommes, crumble pommes, cheese cake, flan, chocolate ball with cherry, chocolate ball with nuts, chocolate ball with marmalade, tartin, Beneblua. All of these dishes have a unique aroma, taste and colour which I consider to be the characteristic features of French cuisine.

Entree also offers a wide variety of breakfasts such as continental breakfasts, merican breakfasts, english breakfasts, champetre and many others. The breakfast menus are available only in the morning from the time when the shop opens at 8'O clock to morning 11'O clock.

The salads prepared by Entree are one of a kind having its unique taste. The different types of salads found in Entree include ham and egg salad, crab meat salad, chicken meat salad, Salmon meat salad. Salad lovers should definitely taste salads from Entree.

The restaurant prepares a different soup each day. It is up to you to ask for the so called Soup of the Day.

The delicious Italian ice creams served by Entree can't be matched with any other such kinds in Tbilisi. The ice creams are offered in different flavors such as vanilla, Tiramisu, stracciatella, coffee, dolcetta, nicciola, lemon sorbet, lime sorbet, strawberry, coco and cherry. It is expected that entry will offer some new flavors soon.

There are different beverages both hot and cold served along with food in Entree. They include: coffee, tea, hot chocolate etc. Soft drinks such as pepsi, coca cola, fanta, sprite, mirinda, etc. Mineral waters such as Borjomi, Nabeglavi, Bakuriani etc. and also Natural juices like santal, sandora, campa etc.

Apart from all these above mentioned items if you are a fan of milk products even they are available in Entree. Famous Georgian dairy products such as campina, Santae and Danone are available at Entree.

Very recently Entree released a new sandwich variety for the price of 5GEL which is made from rye bread. This bread has different combinations of cereals which is popular in the western Europe. This rye bread sandwich with turkey ham is a new entry at Entree.

A similar sandwich made of rye bread for the same cost of 5GEL but made with different ingredients such as salami, olives, parmigianino, cherry tomatoes, marinated pepper, mayonnaise is also offered at Entree and will attract all sandwich lovers.

There are Two types of hot dishes, one which is made of boiled salmon mixed with rice and vegetables is available at Entree priced around around 10GEL. The other hot dish newly introduced in Entree is called as Melanzane which contains egg plants with rice and vegetables in it, the cost of this dish is 7GEL.

Fresh juices are available at Entree for a price of 7GEL. The different juices that are available are Orange, Grape, Orange and Grape mix, carrot, apple, Carrot and Apple.

Salads made of watermelon and melon is available for a price of 4GEL and a Mixed seasonal fruit salad is available at 3GEL. Both of them are really delicious!

Is the place economical?

When it comes to Entree its the taste that matters. The price for the food is economical for most of the cases. The food is prepared by professional French chefs which thereby has the perfect taste and aroma of French food. It is a good idea to eat at Entree for those who want to try new cuisines.

What is your final opinion about the place?

On a whole Entree is a perfect French cuisine located in the city of Tbilisi giving its customers the pure taste and flavor of France. The rates are a bit expensive for few dishes however most of the dishes are economical. Taste is one thing that never changes in Entree. If you get a chance do try to taste some delicious French cuisine at Entree. You will like it in the same way just like I liked it. Thank you for reading it patiently! Please feel free to mention any comments or suggestions below. Till I publish my next article keep smiling and cheers.

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