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Goodwill in City Mall

Published by Ani Lilucie


The introduction

Goodwill was the first hypermarket that was opened in Tbilisi. The whole city was waiting for it to open, so they could shop there easily, and there would be all kinds of things there for their houses: food and drinks of all kinds.

When it was opened, everyone just went there for shopping. Besides, the location was pretty good and it had this parking space, which drivers seek for so desperately. You can’t set up a successful business in Tbilisi if you don’t have a good parking spot around! If a driver can’t park a car, then they will just go somewhere else where the parking lot is present and where they can shop comfortably, without worrying that they have parked their car somewhere else further away.

The traffic in Tbilisi is just horrible and people hate it. When there’s no parking space at all, they have to park those cars really far away from their actual destination. Sometimes they can’t even park the cars, it all depends where you want to go. Everyone knows that, if you go to Chavchavadze avenue, you can’t really find a spot where you can actually park your car. Even if there’s this huge Goodwill on Chavchavadze avenue, drivers don’t like it there because there are no parking spots over there. Goodwill is pretty good and better than the Kavtaradze one. However, it all depends on where you live, because if you live in Vake, you probably won’t go to Kavtaradze to shop at Goodwill. There’s no parking lot on Cahvchavadze avenue nearby this Goodwill supermarket, or just because the Kavtaradze Goodwill has a large parking lot. However, the Goodwill Kavtaradze is not just this Goodwill supermarket and, as I’ve already told you, there are many other shops, restaurants and beauty salons. If people want to do other things than shopping in Goodwill, then they will go to Goodwill Kavtaradze or City Mall.


There are many things to buy at Goodwill's. They even have a website where you can shop online and they will deliver your purchases to your address. Pretty cool, hun? You can visit the website here, shop online for food, hygiene products and some other things, and wait for them to be delivered to you. If you just want to learn about the prices of some things, you can still visit the website, look at its products, and decide whether you want to buy them or not. Besides, they have a Goodwill loyalty card that you can get to collect some points or coins by simply buying some things. Then, you can exchange those coins for some things at Goodwill's supermarket. That way we bought a kitchenware for our kitchen last year, and it was for free!

Frankly, Goodwill is not a cheap supermarket in comparison to other supermarkets. However, they have some imported products from Germany and other countries which other supermarkets don’t have, that’s one of the advantages of Goodwill supermarket. Some people want to buy those imported products, and that way, they buy them at the Goodwill supermarket. For example, they have pretty delicious cookies and soft drinks from Edeka, and some great cream, cottage cheese, and toast cheese from Germany. I love them! Some of them are only available at the Goodwill supermarket, so I have to go there to buy that stuff.


Goodwill Cafe

There's also a small cafe inside the Goodwill supermarket, which they have built recently. Now clients can sit there and have the meal without changing locations or leaving the supermarket. Goodwill offers some delicious meals to its customers. Before the cafe, you couldn’t eat there and you had to take your oder away, but what if you wanted to eat a meal right away? I mean, many people just have a small break from their offices, works or lectures and they want to eat a salad. For that reason, there’s Goodwill supermarket there with all those delicious dishes, but there’s nowhere to sit and these people had to just buy a salad, a fork and eat somewhere else while standing. That’s just horrible! Alternatively, you may change your mind of buying a salad and going somewhere else where you can get fast food. That’s why people don’t get to eat healthy because fast food is already prepared and you don’t need to wait for it to get ready. That way, you can eat, get satiated and go back to work pretty quickly. That’s the main reason why people buy that junk food, but this is not good at all for us and we know it, but we still do it anyways.


The entrance

At the entrance of Goodwill, there are shopping carts, as well as drawyers. You can use them to store your groceries while roaming around in a carefree way. When you walk in, the very first thing that you will spot on your right is the vegetable and fruit section. Now they have some Churchkhelas, dried fruits, and herbs, too! It’s really comfortable to buy those things because they even have prepacked fruits and vegetables if you don’t want to take them for yourself or wait in the line to weigh your shopping basket. You can just take these packaged products, put them away in your shopping cart and resume shopping. You can also have some great pickled stuff. They have cabbage, carrots and peppers pickles, among others. If you are into pickles, go to Goodwill and buy some!

Moving on, there you will see great ice creams -both Georgian and imported-. They also have some great ice cream cakes, I am looking forward to trying some of them in the near future. There are also some frozen fruits, vegetables, some lasagnas and pizzas to heat in the oven. By all means, there are also some frozen chicken, fish and Khinkali.

Goodwill in City Mall

Dairy products

After all these sections, we arrive in the dairy one, which I love because they have many things and one of them is this vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and banana milk. They are mostly like milkshakes, very light to drink and pretty delicious. I love the chocolate above all of them, they are pretty awesome. Then come the yoghurts, cottage cheese, Matsoni, milk, sour cream and cream cheese. They have a well endowed assortment of all these products, so you can get pretty confused with the one you should buy if you haven't made up your mind about what you want. You can check the cheese shelf, there's plenty! There are toast cheese and they are very tasty, but if you don’t want to buy prepacked food and you want to have some different slices of cheeset, you should move on to the next section, where there are lots of cheese products. They have many kinds of cheese, and you can even have a test before you make your own choice!

There’s a section of meat and fish in which they offer a variety of those productsto the customers. You should really take a look at it if you are planning to get some meat or fish.

Goodwill in City Mall


At last, we make it to my favourite section: the bakery! They have such delicious products that you might want to buy all of them at once. They have sweets that fit all occasions: large, birthday or pieces of cake, macaroons, muffins, brioches and croissants. They also have Khachapuri in different ways: Megrelian Khachapuri, Imeretian Khachapuri and Guruli. They also have potato and meat pies and Lobiani that are really tasty and worth buying. There are also these small and sweet breads, and they look really delicious, but I haven’t tried those yet.

Then we have the bread section, and after it, you will find the beverage section, where you can buy all those beers, soft and fizzy drinks, or coffees.

Then comes the middle part of the supermarket, which is full of candies and chocolate. There are also some great coffees, flour, buckwheat, beans, rice, spices, sugar, salt, chocolate paste, oil and stuff, you know how it goes.

Goodwill in City Mall

Prepared dishes

Next to them, you will find this prepared dishes section where I really love to pass by because they really know how to prepare those dishes and they are always very delicious. They have all those salads, beets, beans and potatoes, meat dishes, amazingly well-cooked salmon, and this fresh salad where you can choose which ingredients should be in. They are worth buying, but I warn you: the prices are not low. If you like cottage cheese and sweets, then you should try their sweet cottage cheese with raisins and vanilla. I tried it once and it was delicious, though it was a little bit too sweet for me. They sell Nadughi with peppermint and it’s really worth buying. Salad-wise, they are just great. They have this spinach salad, which I especially love and it’s really healthy and great for our body. Well, they also have these different types of beans dishes, which are all very delicious and every time I come here, I just can’t really decide on which one of them I should take with me. The beef dishes are simply incredible. They have beef in stock and without it, and they also have these Mexican potato fries and chicken fillets on sticks, Mchadi and Chvishtari. They also sell a very delicious sweet rice with raisins and cinnamon.

You can have a great feast with all those dishes that they have there. However, if you buy all of them, it would cost a fortune, but they are really worth the money, trust me.

Goodwill in City Mall

There’s another section of sausages and hams. You can choose some great stuff from there, yet they don’t have the same variety of sausages as you might find it in Nikora supermarket because the latter is precisely a sausage supermarket if that is even a thing, and it produces some great sausages, salami and ham.

On the other hand, we have those toys, clothes, kitchenware and wine section. They offer some pretty good assortment to the customers. The kitchenware are very beautiful and it’s hard to choose from them because you will probably want to take them all home! To be honest, they are kind of expensive, but they are pretty good and worth buying. So, there aren't many clothes and there you may find some piece of clothing, such as panties, socks or bras. There are so many toys that even the grown ups like them, let alone the children. There are all kinds of toys: the soft and the plastic ones. You cannot simply pick from them because all of them are really good and interesting. Nevertheless, there are many more toys on the second floor at Goodwill's.

Goodwill in City Mall

Hygeine section

There are also some hygiene products, like shampoos, toothbrushes, toothpaste. soaps, washing items... There are also things for cars, gardening and stuff like that. You can buy whatever you want from there. For example, they have a variety of shampoos that are really good, and they come in small or large bottles. They have many toothbrushes and toothpastes, when you stand there in front of them, you can’t really decide which one to take because there are so many of them and they seem to be all good. I have always a hard time choosing toothbrushes and toothpastes. You know, people usually buy Colgate and there were these commercials about Oral-B toothbrushes, too, but as it is commonly said: if something has to be advertised, then it is not that good, but who knows! I mean, if you don’t advertise your product, then people won’t get to know about it, or the lesser people will know about it for that matter. If you advertise your products, more people will discover them, hence the boost of interest, and ultimately, of purchases. That’s why the advertising firms are needed and there are so many of them out there. Anyways, I had Oral-B toothbrushes and they didn’t seem to be bad. I mean, it all depends on the type of toothbrush you want to use. For example, I really like toothbrushes with small heads since they can reach hidden places better than the large-headed ones, so I mostly buy toothbrushes with small heads and the brand doesn’t really matter. Some of them cost more than 10 Laris. Once I bought a toothbrush worth 15 laris, but it was no better than the one that cost 4 laris. It all comes down to you and what kind of toothbrush you want to have.


Anyways, there are also items for cars. I mean, they sell these things that smell wonderfully good, as well as car clothes and everything. They also have some grills and stuff for your garden that you will need if you want to have a barbacue. They also have many containers that I really like and they range in colours, shapes and sizes. You can choose whichever you like better! Once we bought a large container that had another large plate in it, and we were pretty pleased with that purchase. We use it a lot, it’s very comfortable, and it only cost somewhere about 23 laris.

You can find many important things there and you can buy them there without going anywhere else.


About the parking

There's also a machine in the parking lot; when you get inside, you will be given a card. If you stay for half an hour, you don’t have to pay for the parking spot. However, if your stay exceeds the half an hour, you will be charged with two laris, but if you spent at least 20 laris on your purchase in the supermarket or in the shops of the mall, your parking spot will be for free! Keep in mind that, if you lose that card, you will receive a fine of 15 Laris. Don’t lose the card!

When we first visited the mall, we got a card for our parking spot, but we didn’t really know much about the 30 minutes nor the minimum amount of 20 laris purchase. We spent there an hour, and mainly at Goodwill's, and bought some things for our house. Christmas would come in a couple of days, so we bought some things for the celebration. We went to the cashier, paid for our purchases and took off. After we put all our purchases away in the car, my father remembered about the card. He read it on it that if you had a minimum amount of 20 Laris purchase, you could park there for free. We did have more than 20 Laris of purchase, but we didn’t know whether we had to go back inside in order to hand the card to the cashier. We decided to check on it and I went inside with the bill from our purchases. I asked one of the employees to help me out. Then, this assistant girl, who was really nice and friendly, asked the cashier girl about that and she checked my card in a second and told me that I could leave without paying. I was glad that I went in and did all that stuff, because, when you get a chance, you must take it it. That was what we did. It was not about not paying for the parking in the end, but rather about those chances that we get in life and pass on them.

Well, that was all I wanted to tell you about City Mall and its Goodwill's. I hope that this information come in handy for you if you are in Tbilisi.


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