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Enjoying snow cones at Luca!

Published by Manoj Pradeep

Hello guys, It has been a great day here in Tbilisi and today I would like to share with you all about a good spot to have a nice scoop of ice cream. The name of the shop is Luca Polarae and I bet that you can't find a better spot to have a nice scoop of ice cream anywhere else in Tbilisi. As far as I know there are two branches of the shop in Tbilisi. One is located in Liberty Square and the other one in Pekini Street. The way by which we first identified this spot is really interesting and I would like to share my story with you. It was a bright sunny day, therefore me and some of my friends planned to visit the Botanical Garden located near Liberty Square. As usual we all gathered together in a metro station near my home and we all departed together in the same netro train. At that time there was no branch of this shop in Pekini street. We got down at the Liberty Square station and we came to the road. No one of us knew where the Botanical Garden is situated. We were just wandering around the streets. When we asked some people they showed us a path that goes downward from the central pillar in Freedom Square. We took the path and walked down chatting and having fun. This was the time when we accidentally saw an artificial Ice Cone in front of the shop, we thought that we would continue our hunt for the botanical garden after having a scoop of ice cream at this shop. We entered the shop it was not that big, very close to the door there was refrigirator with wide variety of ice creams displayed in it. We all bought a different flavour of ice cream and it was so delicious. We haven't tasted an ice cream so tasty in Tbilisi in any other place. After that we came out of the shop and had a hard time finding the way to Botanical Garden and finally found the way. That is another story,!

It was in the last year that Luca Polarae opened a branch in Pekini Street which is not as far as the shop in Liberty Square from the place I stay. In luca polarae there are varity of ice creams and other snacks available. The ice cream variety ranges from strawberry, apple caramel, stracitella, kiwi, milk, lemon, coffee, bananna, chocolate and a plenty of seasonal flavors. The most favorite of mine is apple caramel and there is a special variety that is available during the christmas time that is so tasty. A single scoop costs around 2.60 GEL which is not that expensive. Depending on your wish you can choose how much ever scoops you want. You can get your ice creas in a cone or cup whichever you like. Personally I like cone as it gives an additional taste for the ice cream. There are also some special varities of ice creams which are made of different flavours combined together and presented in different shapes. They vary in cost somewhere between 8 GEL to 10 GEL. One such ice cream will fully occupy your tummy unless you don't have a tummy like an elephant. Apart from ice creams there are also hot drinks such as Hot Chocolate that costs around 5 GEL, Chilled Coffee Americano, Chilled Coffee Mexicano, Latte, Espresso which by itself has its own unique taste. The cost of these items vary between 4 GEL to 5 GEL. There are also fresh juices offered by the shop and the juices that are available depends on the fruits available in the seasons. There are also cakes of different flavours and baked cookies available in the shop each of which tastes so sweet. There is also a fun thing about the shop, there is a blackboard hung on the wall with some colour chalks anyone can write or draw whatever they feel in it. This spirits up the fun and enjoyment that you are having with your friends in Luca Polarae.

The shop in Pekini street is big enough than the one in Liberty Square. It allows you to sit and relax for a while. It can be used as a good spot to have a little chat with your friends along with some tasty ice creams to eat. I myself visit Luca often for various occassions. I have been to the shop with my friend just to have a scoop of ice cream at one in the morning. The shop is open from 10 am to 2am during summer months but during winters the shop is open only till 1 am. This can serve as a perfect get together spot for friends and can make you spend some valuable time with your friends. Luca Polarae is a must visit ice cream parlour if you visit Tbilisi. Till I describe about another delicious place to eat keep smiling and cheers.. :)

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